Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fairy Of The Secret Garden

Well here is another collage and oh my gosh she was a difficult one.The background took me ages as I stuffed it up.See I stamped with white gesso onto my green coloured Vilene and tissue base and then I did a wash of Golden Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold.Then without thinking I grabbed the Golden Dioxazine Paurple and did a these colours on a green base do NOT work LOL.Anyway I blotted off a lot but the stamping sort of got quite lost....sssooo I stamped again.Then I did washes of Golden Nikel Azo Gold,Golden Phthalo Green and Green Gold.

I rubbed in some Crayola Portfolio series water soluble oil pastel colours here and there,section of Cuttlebug texture paste at the right,painted gauze and German scrap at the bottom.I was happy with all of that but then got stumped again .The fairy was gazing up and to the left and I just couldn't find something that I wanted to put where she was looking.After looking and trying all sorts of things and several hours later I gave up and went to bed.Within minutes of waking this AM I remember the "Le Jardin" page pebble I had in my stash and used that.At last it all came together.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Almost "Full Monty" card

This is a large card made using Opals embossing enamels to cast the large Monty Krafty Lady mold with.The background is very shimmery and is Luminarte Pimary Elements Polished pigments mixed with floor polish.I dipped the gauze in that and then pressed the wet gauze onto white gloss cardstock to make the background.Will be collaging again tonight but today I was trying to use up some embellishments and backgrounds I had made in the past...hence the almost "full Monty"

Friday, February 22, 2008

Beaded card

Okies I had to laugh at myself and my own silliness yesterday.You see I have often admired beading done around fixed objects but had never know how people do this....I truely thought that it was some sort of firm type of beading stitch that made the beads hug tightly around the central item.Well Kelsey and I got chatting by e-mail and she sent me a file on how to do this and I had a HUGE "doh" moment when I realized the beading was done thru a layer of felt or stiffening that you had attached the fixed central item to bead around too.Well I gave it a go around a lovely Krafty Lady face mold I had.My seed beads are not sorted to size so I had some larger then others and hence the beading isn't snug in some places but I loved doing it and the effect it gives.The background is Luminarte Primary Elements Polished Pigments mixed with floor polish that I pressed white gloss card and the gauze into.After Midnight Art Stamps Butterfly stamp stamped with Stuart Superior black glue and stick pad with Pearl-ex dusted on once heat activated and the leaf is a Karfty Lady mold caste with Friendly Plastic.
Felt the card still needed something so added the words and the little beads to the gauze

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Asian Collage Card

This is a card made for a friend using collaged stamped images and Cuttlebug texture paste elements as per how I did the other in the post below.I used After Midnight Art stamp images and a quote I found on the web.I sent it to her over three weeks ago so sure hope it found it's way to her in America before she sees it here

Collage cards

I have a heap of backgrounds made using Vilene,Vliesofix,tissue and Adirondack colourwash sprays.Most are cut to around 15cmx18cm.Awhile ago at Kelsey's blog she let us know how she makes collages with texture paste elements and did a little tutorial.It's much like the way I create too.I printed her instructions and just imagined I was doing a class with her and did each step as she did.The first collage I even used the same ear-ring embellishments and quote she did and my fav vintage image.I had to take the photo of them on an angle as I used Krylon gold for the gold highlights and it's reflecting too much.The only thing I alterd to her insructions was the background used(I used one of my Vilene and tissue ones I just spoke of) and the images on the background I stamped with white gesso rather then ink.I used one of my fav vintage images printed using a black and white Lasar printer


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