Sunday, February 22, 2009

Woven Heart

Well I did sit here all day and make that woven heart from the post below.It has Fantasy Film and Angelina Film woven in several layers to make the heart and background plus Opals.Also there is Angelina hot fix fibres under the house and around the heart,a faux lead light window at front of the house,hand sewn on beads, and words at edges imprinted using metal stamps and a hammer.It's amazingly shimmery and glistens in the light.I was aiming for a woven heart to represent the interwoven united hearts of all Australians who have reached out from all the corners of our country to those devastated and those souls lost by the Feb 7 bush fires in Victorian.They call that day Black Saturday now.

Here is the faux glass window/door closed and a closer image of some of the detail on the front window

The woven heart from front before I stuck it down

and from the back

National Day Of Mourning

Today is Australia's National Day of Mourning to reflect on the devastating February 7, 2009 Victorian bush fires that engulfed parts of Victoria and sent us all here in Oz into a palpable deep sorrow for all those lost (209 and counting)human and animal lives,plants left like wilted burnt matches,crumbled chared homes,burnt crashed vehicles as people tried in vain to escape and for the survivors who's hearts and souls will be forever scorched.Millions of dollars has been donated to help but with my hubby still unable to heal and return to work for over a month now, I had nothing materialistic to give.I woke at 4am today and could not sleep so got up.I've had the last ten days off work and I have thought about you all in Victoria every day.
I've blogged before about the small child who drew for pleasure and believed fairies lived in her garden.She grew to be a shy caring,creative young woman.I even showed you some of her drawings from over 20 years ago.There was something else that young woman did when she felt alone and lost.She wrote little stories and poems that went with her drawings to record how she felt and why she created what she did.Well today when I could not go back to sleep,while my jug boiled and hissed,I thought about her.I have not been creative or even wanted to be for many weeks now.I recalled a survivor calling the deadly fire "the February Dragon"...the winds on that day were over a 100km per hour in some places and carried the fire with it.I imagined seeing what that person and many many others saw,as a huge racing beast from which no one had time to escape and these words fell out.....

by Annette Husband
The February Dragon came over the mountains,across paddocks,down roads and hills
He was fast and furious and had a burning heart,stoked by the fires of Hell
The day turned to night,he opened his mouth and roared pure fire at all human,plant and beast
He engulfed them all in his hunger.Their homes,their hearts and bodies fueled his feast
Leaping with joy at the kaos he rode on the racing winds and laughed as he fed
Till the February Dragon had his fill,leaving the green brown land now black and the souls of Australia raw and red
We have all cried for the loss of life of men,women and child,for the creatures and plants that now lay scorched on the once beautiful land
From all corners of Australia we felt your pain.Our hearts interwove and we stretched out and cradled you in our hearts and hands
We will hold you all gently,we will listen,we will try to give you what you now need,we feel your pain and we stare the February Dragon in the eye
After the darkness there will be a shinning light,a strength in you all,you will rebuild homes,grow plants and a Nation will never forget the struggle,fear you felt and tears you cry
Know this February Dragon we will help them be stronger,to rebuild,to heal and your fiery Hell we will fight
February 7,2009 will not be forgotten.Australia will uplift,carry the broken,be one and unit!
Annette In Oz

There is something else that I hope to make today...I think I shall put the light on on my craft desk and make a beautiful heart...maybe a woven one to represent the united hearts of Australia.Hold your loved ones close,your heads high and be something for each other.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stampersquest E-Zine Guest Artist Is...

ME and I was so delighted they asked....the full instructions for the canvas I made them are here at Stampersquest e-zine.Bea had some trouble when she loaded the pictures to the e-zine at her end and the contrast looks a bit wonky in some plus they wont open in a new window at the zine.So with her permission I have put them here so you can open them in a separate window if you like.To know what they are about you have to read the article though by clicking on the highlighted red link above that says "stampersquest" :o)
I actually made the canvas in early January before Bea asked me so I had to remake it and take step by step photos for the zine and now I have two canvas's the same.
On some photos I have the thing being photographed on white backgrounds and then repeated the photo on black.The colour shimmers more on black and makes it harder to take a photo without reflecting so that is why there are two front images here as well.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ancient Kakadu,Frogs,Flowers and A sketch

We live just 3hours drive from the World Heritage Listed ancient Kakadu National Park.There are some really gorgeous spots out there and we try to get out there at least once a year.We just did a quick overnight stay to go frog spotting with a reptile/frog enthusiast from down south.We stayed in Jabiru at the Crocodile is shaped like a crocodile with a large pool in the centre/stomach.In the day time we visited Nourlangie to have a look at some Aboriginal rock art and go on a bush Nourlangie there are really old Aboriginal rock art works done in ochre on the rock faces .

At night we went spotting to Nawalndja which is the next mountain and it has a steep inclined rock face that has numerous worn away spots were the Wet season rains have eroded the surface over a hundreds of years.As it is Wet season now it is the perfect time to frog/reptile spot.The next two photos are of a gorgeous cave gecko that has yellow blotches

The proper name for it is Oedura Gemmata

and here is a little frog in a Pandanas tree.Grant tells me his proper name is Litoria Personata

This is a larger type of frog known as the Carpenter frog as his call sounds like someone hammering in a nail.

We saw another one called Litoria Coplandi but the photo of him didn't turn out so good.We drove home again the next day.Behind our block is a Lagoon full of frogs,birds and at this time of the year probably a croc too.Grant took this lovely photo of a cute frog down there known as Litoria Bicolour

On the creative side I did another practice sketch in my A4 sketch book.I have gone over this in black ink so that I can trace it and transfer it easily to a canvas.I'm not good at drawing or painting but I do hope to keep practicing and get better.

At the bottom of the sketch I wrote "put wax print flowers on canvas here".I want it to look like she is burying her hand in flowers.I have allot of those real flower looking stamps and love using my Crayola Portfolio water soluble crayons to stamp them onto canvas and card backgrounds.I do this by rubbing the colour directly on the stamp and then I hit the coloured stamp surface with the heat gun(you can see the colour go from mat to wet looking as the heat liquefies the waxy crayon colour).Straight away I stamp onto the receiving surface repeatedly moving slightly each time forward and then back to graduate the colour and give the piece more depth.You can usually stamp up to three times before you need to apply more colour.The stamp is easily washed with warm soapy water afterward.

This card was made last night very quickly using the wax stamped flowers idea on a an acrylic painted background.I then added some dragonfly brads,painted dressing gauze,printed "Journey" ribbon,some flourish rub ons and a bit of silver gel ink to make a dragonfly trail.It took just ten minutes to make.I don't know why I thought to even try this way of colouring,heating and stamping the images but I love the effect it gives.Of course you don't have to use flowers...any stamp will do but not detailed photo stamps etc.
Before I race of(I'm in my BUSY work week...8 evening shifts in ten days...then three days off next week yeha)I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who saw my last post and sent me e-mails/comments.I do appreciate it,I do feel OK now about it and yes I am over it now.Quite sad its happened to so many others though.
Annette In Oz


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