Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Frog and The Snake...snake wins

Grant was down at the lagoon behind us while I was at work the other night and took these shots of a hungry slatey grey snake stalking and then catching and eating a Dahl's frog.Here is Mr Slatey Grey.

slithering thru the water looking for a frog

stalking a frog upper left on the creek wall

frog he did catch
only the legs left hanging out

Grant takes some amazing photos of the animals and plants up here....must have a snoop in his album and see what else he has in there.
Annette In Oz

Monday, April 19, 2010

Post "The Retreat" Elizabeth and Cath

Life is a swirl of work and trying to get the housework/cooking done each day at the moment.Should only be this hectic for another week as that is when we have accreditation at work and why I have been so busy.The retreat seems like years ago now.I have yet to get to my desk and finish my retreat projects but I will.Post retreat I stayed with Elizabeth Harms and her family for three days.Elizabeth has a room for her art creativity and storage and man oh man storage and art there was LOL.The room is an eclectic mix of creativity and supplies...the storage of which dominate the whole room.I could have stayed in there for three days and never found out what all the containers held.To me Elizabeth had her own art shop right there at her finger tips.As you enter and behind the door there is a hanging storage area with all sorts of embellishments in the pockets.There was also this lovely DJ Pettitt painted bag hanging there.

Here is some of the art around the room

every space a riot of colour and inspiration

book shelves and benches....no spare space unadorned

art dolls and masks
collaborative books and more

small section of the colour coded storage


...... and....more

I hope to0 have an art room myself one day...weather I will ever have the money to fill it like that is another story LOL.While there I spent a night at Cathy Daulman's house.I've adored Cath for years and credit her with opening the door to arty stamping all those years ago.I think I did nearly all of Cath's classes when I got to go to Stamping Down Under over the years and I love all her stamps and products from her My Stamps shop.Her use of colour just explodes in your eyes and I love how she can uses household items in her art.Here is just a small part of her art room with some of her work...I got so side tracked yacking and learning that I forgot to take more photos.

I loved going to Melbourne and can't thank Elizabeth enough for all her help and bot Cath and Elizabeth for letting me stay and disrupt theirs lives.It all went way too fast but I did miss Grant and the kids too and coming home there were other arty surprises awaiting me.There was this fantastic parcel of metal jewellery bits and a gorgeous Burgundy card from Evelyn Poole waiting for.Thanks Evvie I love it and the stash so much.Hope to get to QLD soon and catch up with you and John too.

My collaborative paper bag book swap retrun pages have also arrived.I'll make the cover this arov and try to bind it and get the photos up this evening.In between the 6 loads of washing!!!!.Got to love teenagers and bed making day...NOT
Annette In Oz

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Melissa and Tim Discover Photoshop

Last Christmas I bought Melissa and Tim a camera and now I miss them leaving me their evidence in my camera.Today I realized they hadn't left me anything in my camera but they did leave their tracks in my Photoshop programme LOL.Meet Melissa and Tim as Neon lights.

I've received all my swap page returns from the International Collaborative paper bag book swap and have just started to work out how to put it all together.I'll try and have it all together and up for a gander(look) tomorrow evening.
Annette In Oz


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