Saturday, August 29, 2009

Etched Metal Roof Completed

My camera battery is recharged so here is the pictures of the completed roof.I'm not sure why the brass brads look different colours at the side of the key hole in the photo but in real life they look the same.Also I took the photo on a slight slant so the dictionary words look not straight too and no I have not been drinking!.Under the key hole there is one of my faux tin type photos.The bottom section has an embossed pewter trim.I think a house is about our lives and how we live them and hence the reference to "Life-time"

On the other side there is the vintage China dolls arm,rusty wire,chandelier glass with the word "home" under it,a brass washer with the words "hope" on it, another faux tin type photo and more embossed pewter trim.I added the "MY" on the dolls arm to imply "MY home and MY hope".I should finish the front door tomorrow and shall upload that when it is done.

This piece is slowly taking its own paths as is usual for me but in the background of my life there are life changing events happening that will influence it fact they were the catalyst for its beginning.Grants Dad is deteriorating and time,life and hope are waging a war.As an RN I am sure of who is winning at the moment.I spent the morning arranging emergency air fares to Brisbane and then the train to Port MacQuarie for him at the request of his family.I think my house may end up a soul piece...I still will give it away when it is complete....but I wont forget the influences to its creation and I hope whoever wins it knows its story.
Annette In Oz

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bright Buttons Cards

Life life my dreams I am forever a creator...then reality hits me on the head.I am a wife,mother registered nurse who works shift work,taxi,bank...well till there is no money for the hungry mob,cook,kitchen hand,cleaner,adviser,laundromat,unpaid house worker,therapist,retail shopper(I hate shopping by the way) and so on ...then sometimes I am just plain tired.In my *cough* spare time I am also a creator.My metal etched house has the roof completed and the front door almost on.Its been evolving ever so slowly as the metal is hard to match with what is in my stash.I have settled for old dictionary parts,nickel silver and bronze elements mainly.I'm waiting for the camera to recharge to take some photos of the roof but I did get some photos taken of two cards I have just completed for my husbands brother and sister(they are twins) before the camera died.The first one is for Julie.
Julie was my flat mate and how I met my beloved Grant her brother.I went for bright reds.I've used Tria and Alcohol inks on gloss card for the background.I've added some buttons,wire words,brads and eyelets.I really like the look of torn card stock.Not that you would know of course *grin*

Closer look at the buttons from the top down

The next is for Mark.Julie's twin brother.This one I did in blues and red.

I've adored buttons for a long time and I love vintage buttons.To me they are symbol of activity and as such life.I think that is why I have used so many on both of these cards.They, like us do so much in life life

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Mask....for the one in my Camera!!

Dear daughter 18 yr old Melissa comes in and says..."Mum can you make me a metal looking mask that has some Steampunk bits on it for a party?".I say Ok when do you need it by?....head starts planning for my next three days off in a weeks time....hhhhmmm perhaps an etched metal mask......thoughts interrupted by said dear daughter saying "I need it in 45minutes.Is that OK?".Head EXPLODES LOL.Well when you have no time you go into overdrive.Metal house is tossed aside and faux metal mask evolves....45mins later its done.GOT to love the Cuttlebug

As I ponder why such a gorgeous young gal needs a mask as I scroll my camera for photos to delete.....I find the evidence

LOL.I am blessed with the funniest kids and I love they leave me their photos in my camera.Have fun at your party Melissa(Missy to us).Back to making my house.
Annette In Oz

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Last etched Metal Pieces and Faux Tin Types

My last two pieces of metal are now etched and if you hadn't 3D etched metal item will be a house!!.After doing Jen Crossley's etched metal class I knew I would love to do more etching but now I think I am addicted LOL.....thanks Jen and OMG what have you done :o).This house shape below came out the best so far with deeply etched parts.It has a tab part that I have bent back out of sight that will hold a wall on each side(my etched rectangle parts from before).

This is my etched roof below.It was rectangular shaped but I have bent it in the middle.

There are not many vintage things up here that I can buy.I have a few small vintage trinkets though that I have found on the old gold field at Grove Hill that I will use on my house.The China dolls arm on my roof was one such found item.I have attached it to the roof by drilling(YEHA and they were straight drilled holes this time) small holes and wrapping old rusted wire around the top and bottom.I've also attached a piece of Chandelier glass...I'll put a word under it as well.
Now a metal house with stamped people all over it scream to have had people reside in it to me so I have spent this arvo making faux tin type photos to use on my house as well.

After making these I thought I could have also done these by using Opals Zeehan and transferring the image as per my Opals Transfers tech,or acetone transfer to actual nickel/silver or or.......never mind these will do LOL

I'll show you some glimpses as I make my house but when it is finished and if it turns out OK I think I would like to give it away.If you like the look of this stay tuned OK
Annette In Oz

Monday, August 10, 2009

More Etching...nearly there

I think I know what I want to make now so I have etched a few more items...till I ran out of etchant.....Went into town and bought two more bottles of the magic potion and now I only have one last piece to etch tomorrow before I start putting it together.I'm so loving the look and feel of the etched metal.As you sand it back the stamped image just pops out at you.So now I have another etched rectangle done...the iron work part of the stamp in the rear came up amazingly

a Collections stamp used on this square

woops...scanned this one a bit lop sided sorry

and lastly an etched house shape

Hopefully I'll get the item underway tomorrow after we go for a drive(it's dh's day off...have to play wifey *grin*).Then Wednesday I have the day set aside just for me yeha


Annette In Oz

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Last Etched Metal Necklace's my day off today.We are all going to dinner for Grant and Melissa's birthday tonight so I have the day to myself to play and get the last etched things done for my 3D project.Here is my last etched nickel/silver and Angelina Film and Opals Embossing Enamel necklace.Its more purple IRL but photographs bluer for some reason LOL

I left the etched nickel/silver side raw this time

I'm so loving the etching process...its like magic and gives the same effect as embossing on card but I'm using metal instead.We did a day trip last week to Bynoe Harbour(42km from Darwin and its considered a near pristine harbour system!!),Waigat Beach at Mandorah and also spent a day at Lietchfield Park .I picked up some worn wood and odd shell bits etc so I'm thinking I shall incorporate these in my etched metal 3D project....well to etch I go
Annette In Oz

Monday, August 3, 2009

Angelina Film and Opals cards

Today is my dear Grants 51st birthday and yesterday was my Melissa's (daughter) 18th.I quickly cleared my desk temporally of my metal supplies and made two cards.This is the one for Grant and has Angelina Film attached to Vilene and then I ran it thru the Cuttlebug in various directions changing the embossing folder each time.The vintage image was printed onto Lazartran water slide decal paper using and ink jet printer.

and here is Melissa's 18th card.It has pieces of Angelina film attached to Vilene with Opals embossing enamel ironed onto the top.Then I placed them colour side down on a stamp with Gladbake(baking parchment)on top and ironed again to get the stamped image into the Opals.Leave it in place till cool before peeling up.

I then rubbed Radiant Rain daubers over the top in a contrasting colour and while wet buffed it off again so the colour only stayed in the crevices.The stamped Image is an Oxford Impression one
Annette In Oz


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