Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Mask....for the one in my Camera!!

Dear daughter 18 yr old Melissa comes in and says..."Mum can you make me a metal looking mask that has some Steampunk bits on it for a party?".I say Ok when do you need it by?....head starts planning for my next three days off in a weeks time....hhhhmmm perhaps an etched metal mask......thoughts interrupted by said dear daughter saying "I need it in 45minutes.Is that OK?".Head EXPLODES LOL.Well when you have no time you go into overdrive.Metal house is tossed aside and faux metal mask evolves....45mins later its done.GOT to love the Cuttlebug

As I ponder why such a gorgeous young gal needs a mask as I scroll my camera for photos to delete.....I find the evidence

LOL.I am blessed with the funniest kids and I love they leave me their photos in my camera.Have fun at your party Melissa(Missy to us).Back to making my house.
Annette In Oz


Sarah said...


Franstuff said...

I subscribe to your blog in google, and have been more than a bit behind in reading it. Well today I went and read it for a couple of hours. You are amazing, and I am so jealous of that class you took in may! I have a book by her, and listened to a podcast recently. I have been wanting to do metal etching, and now feel I can. I just need to get some echant. I love all of your artwork, and by the way, the photo of you is great. I always wonder what the people whose blogs I read look like. Thanks for posting!

drmarty62 said...

Well all I can say is isn't she lucky to have a Mum like you who will drop everything and come up with inspiration at such short notice rather than have a hissy fit. And isn't she lucky that you had the supplies to put it all together. Well done

LuvLoz said...

That mask is devine! I can't believe it only took you 45 minutes.

Gretz said...

WOW Amazing - in 45 minutes - you are a dynamo!!!

Sally said...

Such a great mask and I commend you on your fast thinking and acting. Some how the picture of your daughter looks a lot like the pictures I get from my kids and grand kids. They had to come from a different planet!

Debbi Baker said...

You are incredible (as is the mask!!) and your daughter looks as if she would be a lot of fun!


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