Saturday, August 29, 2009

Etched Metal Roof Completed

My camera battery is recharged so here is the pictures of the completed roof.I'm not sure why the brass brads look different colours at the side of the key hole in the photo but in real life they look the same.Also I took the photo on a slight slant so the dictionary words look not straight too and no I have not been drinking!.Under the key hole there is one of my faux tin type photos.The bottom section has an embossed pewter trim.I think a house is about our lives and how we live them and hence the reference to "Life-time"

On the other side there is the vintage China dolls arm,rusty wire,chandelier glass with the word "home" under it,a brass washer with the words "hope" on it, another faux tin type photo and more embossed pewter trim.I added the "MY" on the dolls arm to imply "MY home and MY hope".I should finish the front door tomorrow and shall upload that when it is done.

This piece is slowly taking its own paths as is usual for me but in the background of my life there are life changing events happening that will influence it fact they were the catalyst for its beginning.Grants Dad is deteriorating and time,life and hope are waging a war.As an RN I am sure of who is winning at the moment.I spent the morning arranging emergency air fares to Brisbane and then the train to Port MacQuarie for him at the request of his family.I think my house may end up a soul piece...I still will give it away when it is complete....but I wont forget the influences to its creation and I hope whoever wins it knows its story.
Annette In Oz


drmarty62 said...

It's coming up beautifully Annette. I sure it will be even more special because of what is happening in your life.
I hope Grant gets to have some quality time with his Dad and family in the coming days.

Joanne said...

Annette your etching is amazing and I can't wait to see the finished house. As a hoarder of the crafty kind I admire your bravery in parting with such a piece, especially with what you are going through during the process.

Cory said... what you are doing.


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