Sunday, July 24, 2011

Heart and Mexican Wing Themed Shrine

My nephew and his lovely girlfriend are staying with us at the moment for several weeks and I keep forgetting or running out of time to get these images up. Anywho here are the last 2 shrines we will be making in NZ....the first is a 2 hr class so I kept this one simple and had a love theme for it. The large heart is Vilene and Cuttlebug embossed with a matchbox draw under the door. I used metallic paints, primary elements powders and angelina fibres on it so its quite shimmery IRL.

Then the last class is an all day one. I went for a Mexican style altered shrine with a wings theme and grunged it all up using stamps, paint, embossing, resin filled bezel and so on.

Next thing I need to do is get in my room and start sorting and making things I need to bring with me to NZ. There is my son in there at the moment while our guests use his room but it will all get done one way or another LOL. May sneak in some jewellery too as I have wanted to make another resin leaf form dancer for myself since I gave away my other two!
Annette In Oz

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oriental/Asian Themed Shrine

We had a month of family visiting and then 2 weeks break and I finally got a few days to myself to complete the last three shrines we will make in New Zealand. The Engineer necklace shrine will be the first and this will be the second one. I went for some recycled elements and used an empty but clean sardine tin as the shrine base. It's an oriental or Asian themed shrine.
The door is etched metal.

 Frame holds an Pipedreamink Opals embossing enamel frame.

 Under the door is an inkjet water transfer to calico.

 Contents in the rear of the shrine.
 Just had to add a scroll LOL.

Will show you the last two shrines soon. My lovely nephew Craig and his lovely girlfriend Lisa have just arrived for a few weeks now....maybe its the Universes way of keeping me from freaking out about going to NZ to teach for the first time *grin*
Annette In Oz


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