Friday, July 17, 2015

Hello Bloggers!!! It's been awhile

Hi every one...sorry I fell off the face of the internet World for awhile....I had no idea it had been so long since I blogged. It was unintentional. Life got busy plus I had little time to be creative to have anything to share with anyone.

It started with me getting a job at last out of nursing. I'm now Mrs Deli Delights lady in Coles Port Douglas. The money isn't as good of course and I have allot more hours at work but strangely enough I am REALLY enjoying it! Port Douglas is a tourist town with access to The Great Barrier Reef's high tourist time now and insanely busy in the Deli but still compared to nursing the stress levels are low working there...heck the only thing I have to worry about resuscitating is a dry chicken breast. My work mates are awesome as are most customers...just the odd few I'd like to lob a ham hock at their heads. Every job has those types of customers though....but please folks don't be one of them!

The other thing that has caused my absence in blog land is spammers sending up to 50 comments a day at I decided to change all my security settings (sorry if you dislike having to do a capture thing to send me a comment)...and at the same time refrain from blogging for a month or so to see if it all settled down....then forgot I had a blog at all LOL...well till Neet came asking if I was Ok. Thanks Neet you have reminded me now to blog again :)

Unfortunately hubby Grant and son Tim still haven't secured full time local work so I work any shift I can get which hasn't left much time to get arty farty in my time off. I could never be totally non creative so yes I have done a little here and there but for the most part I haven't taken photos or shared what I have made. My Deli line manager did let me have every Thursday off for a period of time so I could do another course at Douglas Arts Base...this was an introduction to Acrylic paint. It was so interesting and I am finally finding more confidence is my painting attempts....they are a far more forgiving medium then I thought! Some attempts are poop and others I think I am doing Ok everything though it is practice practice practice that is the trick.

As I said I haven't been taking lots of photos but here are a few things I did take photos off that I have done...

A face sketch done while reading Jane Davenports instruction book on  "Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces

Then in acrylics class we had to quickly do a collage by tearing up papers, tissue paper and magazine images, stick them down and then use acrylic paint to turn it into something else...this was my end result on an A3 300gm piece of cartridge paper!

A week later we then had to PAINT the collage on a large canvas using just acrylic paint...of course it couldn't look exactly like the original and mine certainly doesn't but it was an interesting challenge. The painting is on a 70x50cm canvas. The original paper and acrylic A3 collage is at the right.

Another exercise was to try and paint like a well known artist!!! We were all given a different artist to try and copy as a way of making us work out how we may apply paint for different effect. Holly crap that scared me but I liked my end result. My painting was a rendition of "Shoalhaven" by Arthur Boyd. This is my can Google the original

Class has finished now and I still have two painting to complete. One is a landscape but the one I am currently slowly working on is a still was composed and set up by the teacher so really not what I would have chosen to paint but its very challenging just the same. The scene the teacher set up is on the photo at has drapes and see thru bloomin glass.

I decided to tackle the see thru glass parts first...slowly slowly getting there LOL

I've just started to get some more jewellery made too. I became very unhappy re making and selling my jewellery and stopped making any! I had taken it all to a hand made store locally to see if it would sell and had allot of stuff go missing or not be paid really put me off doing anymore till just recently. I've really missed making things though and have started to yearn to be creative again. Lets hope I remember to blog any arty adventures again from now on too!

Other then Neet another thing has spurred me back to reality and my creative blog world and that was hearing of the sad passing of another creative friend Eliza Harms. Eliza was well known in my art circle and was only in her early 50's. I do not know how she died just that it shocked me and many others. I had known Eliza for many years on line and she had helped me get numerous arty things that I couldn't get in my part of Oz...we had been friends enough to phone each other on and off and talk for hours when we did.

Eliza was only ever kind, welcoming and helpful to me and many others...a strong larger then life lady with a passion for making art. She even let me stay with her for four days a few years back after picking me up at the airport at midnight and both of us realizing I had booked the dodgiest hotel in town. I got to share her crazy busy life and spend hours in her truly amazing art a stranger that needed help and was far from home taken in to be cared for and made welcome in her home!! That was Eliza and I will miss her. My deepest condolences go to her family Ross, Myrene and Michael and her many many friends. Life is too short...seize the time you have to do what makes you happy!!

Big hugs
Annette In Oz xxx


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