Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Leonardo Da Vinci Pages

After my last post I got another call from work to say I was booked in for another 5 days of training which would start the next day.Then I was taken off the floor(my nursing shifts hands on) to implement what was learnt.SSSooo my"back to my usual shifts at last" went straight out the window and "no time to get creative" came right back in.My deadline for another collaborative paper bag book swap was fast approaching and they kindly gave me another week so I could still participate.On the last few days I finally got my pages done and sent
Leonardo Da Vinci was the theme and when we all delved the net looking for images and info you fast realize what an amazing man he was.He painted,drew, invented things,did studies of the human body and plants and so much more.For my first set of pages I chose one of his paintings-Madonna Lita.

I did an image transfer to material and then added various colours of Opals Embossing Enamels all around her.After three layers of Opals where added I added some metallic leaf, reheated it and stamped on the brick part and run the bottom section thru the Cuttlebug using a swirl embossing folder.Here is the page under the light flash off.

I did put it under the scanner but it just looked dull.The next page also looks dull and isn't.I used this drawing below which I have as a stamp.

I stamped and etched the image into brass as the focal point.Then it was stained and then sanded back so the brass shines thru again

The pages are on the way to England and it was sssooo good to get some art done again.While I was a week late with them Grant was doing something in the yard.....something he started 17yrs ago!!!.Finally I have a fish pond with water lilies and all.It still looks raw and not much but next Wet season it will look amazing.So glad he finally got in and got it to this point at last.At the back there will be a waterfall too.Today the lilies flowered and the water is now clear.When I can I'll take another photo.I don't call him him "gunna" Grant for nothing LOL.
Annette In Oz

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Paper Bag Nature Swap last

Gosh time is flying for me this year with changes in the workplace, my stint in Jury Duty and extra training for work... my crafty pursuits are suffering.Hence my delays in getting this paper bag book together.I Finlay got to put the pages together last night.Basically the base pages are paper lay them one way then the other and join them in the middle so every second page is the opening of the bag which creates a pocket.You have a decorated page on each side and place two decorated pages back to back in the pockets.Here is the completed book.

My front cover.Its very shimmery as I used Daler Rowney pearlescent inks sponged on the bg before I stamped the leaves.The central stamped leaves are made from Opals Embossing Enamels .

The sign in page.The stamped floral piece at the bottom is Friendly Plastic, Angelina Film and Opals Embossing Enamels.

Page 1...the tab at the right is two pages attached to black card back to back to go in the pocket.I added the tab for easy removal as it was a tight fit.

Pages 2 & 3.

Page 4 & 5.

Page6 & 7.
Page 8 & 9.

Page 10 & 11.

Page 12 & 13.

Page 14 & 15.

Page 16.

Page 17 & 18 on pocket inserts.

Pages 19 & 20.

Pages 21 & 22.

Pages 23 & 24.

When the swap pages arrived back in March I thought they were all just lovely then. Last night as I sat putting the artworks on the paper bags and then sewed the pages in place I looked at each page in a new light and there is so much effort put in them all...they are more then lovely...they are gorgeous.
Annette In Oz


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