Sunday, May 31, 2009

WARNING don't leave your digital camera around 13yr old BOYS!!!!!

OMG I just went to clear my digital camera as I have made a few things I wanted to take photos of and this is what I found.....Tim with his undies on his head.Here he is pulling face number one....uuummm he tells me there is a dude at school who makes the most "cool faces" and he was trying to see what he could do...I think he succeded

face number two

SO don't leave your camera around 13 yr old boys OK
Next this is freaky cause I am not superstitous....but I had a dream that a man came up the drive and he said he had a 13yr old son who died after he crashed his motor bike because he went too fast and had no helemt on and that he drove past our house every day and he had seen our son on his motor bike and was worried he was going too fast on the corners and maybe we would like to talk to him.In my dream we thanked him and said we would.
I didn't think of it when I woke up but in the arvo Tim was on his motor bike and I heard the engine roar and I remembered the dream.I said to Grant "was this a dream or did this happen ?" and told him what I had dreamt...he told me "No that did not happen" and just as he did Tim came in white as a ghost and in pain.He had crashed on a corner and the motor bike had flipped over hitting him in the chest and then the exhaust fell onto his arm burning it .Here is the cut on the chest.

and the burn

BOYS I tell you they think they are indestructable....on a funny note after three days of keeping the burn covered Tim realized the burn shape looked rather phalic....well like a male apendage if you get me...the burn was now "cool" and he wouldn't let me cover it anymore LOL.At least now he doesn't go so fast on the corners and ALWAYS wears his helmet,long pants and a long shirt
Annette In Oz...arty stuff to follow when I get a chance to clear the camera LOL

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sundays Etched Metal Necklace Class with Jen Crossley

Sunday the 17th was my last class with Jen and I was looking forward to this one but knew at its end I would have to catch the plane home WAH.I loved this class as well.We made an etched metal necklace book.We did some more drilling to add faux looking riveting and as you can see at the right I went a bit crooked.Still as someone who had never drilled much in the past it was all a learning curve for me and I don't mind that I did not do a perfect job.
The etching metal part was fun and eye opening like when you first learn to use embossing powders to create that lovely raised sheen.Its done with an etchant solution and stamps and leaves a raised image in the underlying metal.We then molded the metal to make the book top.We also added patina to some copper mesh as the front page with an old tin type photo used as the image.

Here it is a bit closer.Evvie gave me the small key to add on the small button

This is with the top page open

Here is from the rear bottom up so you can see the etched part better

and from the top down....sorry thats a bit blury I didn't notice till now

Below is a gorgeous piece of art made by Jen's friend Sarah using one of Jen's frames.It's so lovely and she is moving to Darwin soon.....someone I need to meet *grin*

Celeste was doing some of the classes too and gave me this lovely card as well.

The classes ended way to fast and before I knew it I was saying bye to Evvie and John and leaving with Jen and Ness.We had a few hours spare so after Jen showed us how to shop in Bunning's(large hardware shop)arty style we went back to Ness's for a while.While there Jen showed me how to solder.I have a shake in my hands inherited from my Mum and like painting(which I now know I can do LOL) I thought this was something I would never master.Even with Jen's help I did struggle but it certainly was not as hard I thought and I am so grateful to Jen for showing me.The soldered slide I have started is below.I have to fix the jump ring at right and add some dangles and collage a bit more but I am glad I tried this.

Next it was off to the airport for Jen and me and after a few hick ups for Jen and the funny undies incident we were waving goodbye to Jen and then me to Ness and Hannah and Little Henry.I had a tear in my eye as they disappeared out of sight.....sad to leave new found friends and happy to meet up with old ones and be with my "community"...learning and laughing and fitting in!.I was home by 2.30am,in bed by 3.30am and tomorrow I am back at work.I've loved every minute of my trip and Jen's classes.If anyone has the chance to do them they are inspiring,enabling,a hoot and well worth it.I love picking up my new made treasures and Grant is in awe I did three classes and finished each project let alone that I can drill and solder now LOL.Thank you Jen for teaching us,Ness for organising it and Evelyn and John for being my divine hosts
Annette In Oz

Saturdays Class With Jen Crossley...The Swallow Book

On the Saturday we made Jen's Swallow book.This was the Mother of all classes LOL but HUGELY worth the end result I can tell you. I really thought I would not finish mine in time.The images below show how the book looked after 10hrs...there is more embellishments I want to add when I get a chance now I am home but really it could be called finished as it is.I had not counted on how much glue and tape I would need and thankfully sat with a dear friend Louise who lent me loads of hers.The cover is an old book that had its guts removed and has stained gauze,old stained text(note the "Windy World" title I found to add to the top),an old book spine and a gorgeous alcohol ink stained number and Swallow.The pin mid right that holds the leather strap closure was made by John as well.

Behind the cover is a cigar tin that we painted white and then stained with alcohol inks

and in the tin top is a stained,vintage image tag for a flower

and a card with an old style seahorse image

On the opposite page we used three of Jen's frames ...two to make a recess and then one at the back for the reverse page.In one we placed old vintage paper in,some dried flowers and then a gorgeous cherub transparency frame on the top

On the other side we put a tree landscape transparency and the vintage lady image.There was another transparency to go over this but I couldn't get it to sit without covering too much up in the background so I shall add some flourishes when I have time instead.

The next page had another two of Jen's frames back to back that held a Swallow transparency and a large piece of mica.There is also the tree transparency frame over the top.Here is what it looks like with the page after peeking thru from front to back.

and with a sheet of white card stock behind it

next is from the back looking thru to image of the lady and tree from above.

This little dude on the next page cracked me up.He is so not amused LOL.

and behind him is another tree silhouette transparency and a vintage man.I forgot to cut out the white bits under his arms.I was going to ask Jen if she had a copy but I forgot that 3pm my head was a bit brain dead.Might even have a similar one in my stash when I get a chance to look

On this page it shows the back of a fob watch transparency that we added a keyhole transparency too plus an image of a little boy behind the keyhole.Just peeking behind it is the rear page with a nest.

and the keyhole boy closer....hhhmmm my circular cutting needs some help *grin*...maybe an old circular frame is needed to cover it up!!

This is the reverse side looking thru toward the front of the book again and shows the front of the fob watch transparency and the pages before it.

For the rear back cover we made a shadow box that held a bird nest,eggs and feathers and the was covered with another of Jen's frames...I love this part.

and a closer look at the bird nest

Next is a side view of the shadow box

and also a view from the side with the book closed..

It was a long but a very very rewarding day.With everyone working at different paces I'm amazed at Jen's patience with us all and at the wonderful end result.I would have so stayed another 10 hours creating with Jen if I had too.Evvie and John were fluttering around in the background helping where needed and plying us with drinks of water,coffee etc.Evvie makes a divine date loaf folks...I'm sure I put on two kilos that day LOL. In the evening we went to the China Rose Chinese restaurant for a yummy meal.I slept like a log that night but I do recall thinking how sad that my arty adventure was drawing to an end.The next day would be the etching metal necklace class and the last for this year WAH.By this second day my head was full of new tools I just have to source when I get home...tomorrow was awaiting with a promise of more arty creating to come.I'll try to upload the etched necklace class later on tonight after dinner
Annette In Oz

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Friday Class With Jen Crossley...Opals Tin Book

Friday the 15th was my first class with Jen.We made a lovely tin book that held items within the tin front and back, in place with Franklin Opals embossing enamels.I had done this before but I had never made it into a booklet let alone used a drill LOL.I have a hubby who doesn't really do tools and so had steared away from them not knowing how to use them.In my tin I embedded some metal Angel wings,a watch face and a piece of my Auntie Bettie's old tape measure.There was meaning to all of this for me as Aunt Betty passed away last year and I loved her to bits.The tape measure was hers and was given to me.The time part and Angel wings need no explanation.The dragonfly was a an old jewellery piece I had found in an antique shop.I was quite surprised its "bling" did not diminish with adding Opals.

The back was not as easy to photograph but has a pen nib at top,some old keys,more of Auntie Bets tape measure and some small watch cogs and parts.

These are the pages inside.They look old and worn.

My attempt at Coptic stitch was BAD LOL but I shall undo this and try again now I am home.This is the view from the side.

I am hopeless at remembering to take photos but did take some of Lady Di's(AKA Diana O'Cobhthaigh said like O'Coffey).Here is one side of hers and sorry if I spelt that wrong Di :o).

and the other
What fun this was.A few people had the Opals crack when they drilled but when I am at home to avoid this(if I think this will happen)I add half a chopped up clear slow melt glue stick to the melting Opals mix.I don't use Flex as it yellows it too much for me.Mine was Ok though so all was good.Stay tuned for Saturdays class
Annette In Oz

Back From Queensland and Art by Jen Crossley

Home again after a week away in Queensland to see my family and do some art classes with Jen Crosley.I arrived on Sunday (the 10th Mother's Day here in Oz) at 5.30am and we had a lovely Mother's Day lunch at Sizzlers.I stayed at my Mum's house till Friday and got to see my sister,niece etc.Mum likes to go to bed early and wake early so I didn't get my usual long sleep ins.One of my fav days was a trip out with Mum and two of my Aunts.Here are the three sisters.On the left is my Mum,seated is Auntie Kath and at right Auntie Margaret.We went to Yandina to the Ginger and Nut factories and later had fish and chips by the water opposite Bribie Island...just a lovely special day.

On the Friday my Auntie Marg drove me to Evelyn Poole's place who had kindly let me stay while I did Jen's classes.The classes were organized by Ness Henry but were being held at Evelyn's.Evelyn and her husband John made me feel so welcome and are both amazingly generous and kind.I felt like a princess LOL and I am forever thankful to them for letting me stay.Evelyn had her own creative room and along the desk there is some gorgeous arty things like these below.

OMG and Evelyn's John can make ANYTHING...he is amazing and loves creating things to help Evvie with her art.I bought this heat gun stand that he made...its so sturdy.My desk might get tidy yet :o)

He also made this bench pin for us that I bought for Sundays class.It makes filing the metal a breeze.

Evelyn made this wonderful booklet for me to take notes with.She had used a vintage image at the top right, without knowing it was my Fav to use for some of my own art work

Next are the samples of art work by Jen C herself.This is her Opals tin book and is what we made for Fridays class.

On the Saturday we made an amazing Swallow book but I forgot to take an image of Jen's sample.Then on the Sunday we made etched metal art.Below are Jen's samples

here is one even closer so you can see the detail you can get in the metal.

I'll upload my class efforts tonight and tomorrow.I'm back at home after them and I just loved the whole experience.Not only were Evelyn and John amazing hosts but Jen herself was warm,funny,a pure delight and a great teacher.Then there was the opportunity to meet some old arty friends and put faces to names of friends on line plus make new friends.It's like coming home to your own special community when I get to do these things and I am so glad I went.Ness was kind enough to drive me to the airport on Sunday 17th and she too is a gorgeous arty person and has a lovely arty hubby Brad and two energetic,cute as daughters Hannah and Meg.What a delightful experience it has all been.If anyone gets to do Jen's class jump at the's just WONDERFUL.OH and Jen gave me a much needed soldering lesson too but more on that later :o).I wont go on to tell you about Captain Underpants(Jen's)embarrasing incident with her undies at the airport as I am sure Jen or Ness will spill the beans anyway LOL.
hugs to make tea...or order Pizza

Friday, May 8, 2009

And Four More

I've just got another four cards made using the raisin and eggplant coloured card stock I sprayed from the post below...four more to go.This first one is "trust is the key" and has a vintage image of a child,some stained gorgeous German scrap circular floral disks,stained lace,sewn on roses and lots of free stitching.This is for a Friend overseas.

The next two I have used two of my drawings.They were coloured using watercolour pencils.Then I scanned them and printed them on cheap gloss photo paper.After that I did the inkjet water transfer tech and transferred them onto white cotton.The boat is for my nephews birthday and the parrot :fly soar", for my Father In Law's birthday.

and lastly another Mother's Day card for my Mother In Law.It's similar to the one I made my Mum but has "true love "on it.

I'm off to Queensland late on Saturday night for a week.I'll be some classes with Jen Crossley and also seeing y Mum of course.Happy Mother's Day everyone and I'll show you all what I create when I come home :o)


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