Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back From Queensland and Art by Jen Crossley

Home again after a week away in Queensland to see my family and do some art classes with Jen Crosley.I arrived on Sunday (the 10th Mother's Day here in Oz) at 5.30am and we had a lovely Mother's Day lunch at Sizzlers.I stayed at my Mum's house till Friday and got to see my sister,niece etc.Mum likes to go to bed early and wake early so I didn't get my usual long sleep ins.One of my fav days was a trip out with Mum and two of my Aunts.Here are the three sisters.On the left is my Mum,seated is Auntie Kath and at right Auntie Margaret.We went to Yandina to the Ginger and Nut factories and later had fish and chips by the water opposite Bribie Island...just a lovely special day.

On the Friday my Auntie Marg drove me to Evelyn Poole's place who had kindly let me stay while I did Jen's classes.The classes were organized by Ness Henry but were being held at Evelyn's.Evelyn and her husband John made me feel so welcome and are both amazingly generous and kind.I felt like a princess LOL and I am forever thankful to them for letting me stay.Evelyn had her own creative room and along the desk there is some gorgeous arty things like these below.

OMG and Evelyn's John can make ANYTHING...he is amazing and loves creating things to help Evvie with her art.I bought this heat gun stand that he made...its so sturdy.My desk might get tidy yet :o)

He also made this bench pin for us that I bought for Sundays class.It makes filing the metal a breeze.

Evelyn made this wonderful booklet for me to take notes with.She had used a vintage image at the top right, without knowing it was my Fav to use for some of my own art work

Next are the samples of art work by Jen C herself.This is her Opals tin book and is what we made for Fridays class.

On the Saturday we made an amazing Swallow book but I forgot to take an image of Jen's sample.Then on the Sunday we made etched metal art.Below are Jen's samples

here is one even closer so you can see the detail you can get in the metal.

I'll upload my class efforts tonight and tomorrow.I'm back at home after them and I just loved the whole experience.Not only were Evelyn and John amazing hosts but Jen herself was warm,funny,a pure delight and a great teacher.Then there was the opportunity to meet some old arty friends and put faces to names of friends on line plus make new friends.It's like coming home to your own special community when I get to do these things and I am so glad I went.Ness was kind enough to drive me to the airport on Sunday 17th and she too is a gorgeous arty person and has a lovely arty hubby Brad and two energetic,cute as daughters Hannah and Meg.What a delightful experience it has all been.If anyone gets to do Jen's class jump at the chance.....it's just WONDERFUL.OH and Jen gave me a much needed soldering lesson too but more on that later :o).I wont go on to tell you about Captain Underpants(Jen's)embarrasing incident with her undies at the airport as I am sure Jen or Ness will spill the beans anyway LOL.
Annette...off to make tea...or order Pizza


Jen Crossley said...

So wonderful to meet you in person again,I hope you have recovered from my class Im pretty full on arent I LOL.Hope Grant loved your projects
Till we meet again

Brenda said...

Oh my gosh, it sounds like you had the most awesome time - I am so jealous. Can't wait to hear and see more.

Night Owl Designs said...

Loved reading about your arty adventure Annette, those samples look amazing!

Bevlea said...

loved all this.... your swallow book looks fantastic too


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