Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Friday Class With Jen Crossley...Opals Tin Book

Friday the 15th was my first class with Jen.We made a lovely tin book that held items within the tin front and back, in place with Franklin Opals embossing enamels.I had done this before but I had never made it into a booklet let alone used a drill LOL.I have a hubby who doesn't really do tools and so had steared away from them not knowing how to use them.In my tin I embedded some metal Angel wings,a watch face and a piece of my Auntie Bettie's old tape measure.There was meaning to all of this for me as Aunt Betty passed away last year and I loved her to bits.The tape measure was hers and was given to me.The time part and Angel wings need no explanation.The dragonfly was a an old jewellery piece I had found in an antique shop.I was quite surprised its "bling" did not diminish with adding Opals.

The back was not as easy to photograph but has a pen nib at top,some old keys,more of Auntie Bets tape measure and some small watch cogs and parts.

These are the pages inside.They look old and worn.

My attempt at Coptic stitch was BAD LOL but I shall undo this and try again now I am home.This is the view from the side.

I am hopeless at remembering to take photos but did take some of Lady Di's(AKA Diana O'Cobhthaigh said like O'Coffey).Here is one side of hers and sorry if I spelt that wrong Di :o).

and the other
What fun this was.A few people had the Opals crack when they drilled but when I am at home to avoid this(if I think this will happen)I add half a chopped up clear slow melt glue stick to the melting Opals mix.I don't use Flex as it yellows it too much for me.Mine was Ok though so all was good.Stay tuned for Saturdays class
Annette In Oz


Talking Horses Arts said...

Awesome! Love it, what a great idea.
I think you should keep using a drill..lol. Cool idea about the glue stick! Wonder if mod podge would do the trick too?
Love the post...love your blog!

Brenda said...

Oh my gosh, I love the tin with the book inside - it is stunning.

Jen Crossley said...

Yours looked amazing Annette Im proud of you

Zeborah Loray said...

Great technique- using the tin inside out like that. How very very nifty. I must give this a try. The Opals look great used this way.
I have my mum's measuring tape still. ;)

Jan Hoefler said...

Absolutely KEWL!!! I love the pieces you selected. What a treasure. I think AM is going to have to start selling FO in much larger jars!

Queen Of Toys said...

Wow amazing looooovvvveee the tin book Annette.


Night Owl Designs said...

Oh it looks just wonderful Annette, I love the old keys!


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