Sunday, May 31, 2009

WARNING don't leave your digital camera around 13yr old BOYS!!!!!

OMG I just went to clear my digital camera as I have made a few things I wanted to take photos of and this is what I found.....Tim with his undies on his head.Here he is pulling face number one....uuummm he tells me there is a dude at school who makes the most "cool faces" and he was trying to see what he could do...I think he succeded

face number two

SO don't leave your camera around 13 yr old boys OK
Next this is freaky cause I am not superstitous....but I had a dream that a man came up the drive and he said he had a 13yr old son who died after he crashed his motor bike because he went too fast and had no helemt on and that he drove past our house every day and he had seen our son on his motor bike and was worried he was going too fast on the corners and maybe we would like to talk to him.In my dream we thanked him and said we would.
I didn't think of it when I woke up but in the arvo Tim was on his motor bike and I heard the engine roar and I remembered the dream.I said to Grant "was this a dream or did this happen ?" and told him what I had dreamt...he told me "No that did not happen" and just as he did Tim came in white as a ghost and in pain.He had crashed on a corner and the motor bike had flipped over hitting him in the chest and then the exhaust fell onto his arm burning it .Here is the cut on the chest.

and the burn

BOYS I tell you they think they are indestructable....on a funny note after three days of keeping the burn covered Tim realized the burn shape looked rather phalic....well like a male apendage if you get me...the burn was now "cool" and he wouldn't let me cover it anymore LOL.At least now he doesn't go so fast on the corners and ALWAYS wears his helmet,long pants and a long shirt
Annette In Oz...arty stuff to follow when I get a chance to clear the camera LOL


Gretz said...

Hi Annette, I'm glad Tim wasn't too badly hurt. I had a boyfriend who was a bie nut (drove it very fast) Anyway he was always in full leathers (Jasmine used to love curling up on them - that cat has a penchant for leather LOL) Anyway he came off it in a 60km zone, when his bike hit some oil and his jeans just ripped to shreds. So after that it was full leathers.....

Gretz said...

Oh you were lucky Captain underpants didn't grab your camera LOL

Stacey said...

Cute post! Glad your boy is okay and proud of his wounds. Makes me miss my kids being 13! Boys are fun, girls are much harder at times but then they grow up to be moms and it all evens out. :)

Jen Crossley said...

LOL how funy is that photo.
Im glad he wasnt injured to badly


AH kids
they do grow up fast and test their limits as they go hey.Hey Gretz I think he was Captain Underpants child and he was switched at birth LOL...what do you think Jen :o)


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