Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sundays Etched Metal Necklace Class with Jen Crossley

Sunday the 17th was my last class with Jen and I was looking forward to this one but knew at its end I would have to catch the plane home WAH.I loved this class as well.We made an etched metal necklace book.We did some more drilling to add faux looking riveting and as you can see at the right I went a bit crooked.Still as someone who had never drilled much in the past it was all a learning curve for me and I don't mind that I did not do a perfect job.
The etching metal part was fun and eye opening like when you first learn to use embossing powders to create that lovely raised sheen.Its done with an etchant solution and stamps and leaves a raised image in the underlying metal.We then molded the metal to make the book top.We also added patina to some copper mesh as the front page with an old tin type photo used as the image.

Here it is a bit closer.Evvie gave me the small key to add on the small button

This is with the top page open

Here is from the rear bottom up so you can see the etched part better

and from the top down....sorry thats a bit blury I didn't notice till now

Below is a gorgeous piece of art made by Jen's friend Sarah using one of Jen's frames.It's so lovely and she is moving to Darwin soon.....someone I need to meet *grin*

Celeste was doing some of the classes too and gave me this lovely card as well.

The classes ended way to fast and before I knew it I was saying bye to Evvie and John and leaving with Jen and Ness.We had a few hours spare so after Jen showed us how to shop in Bunning's(large hardware shop)arty style we went back to Ness's for a while.While there Jen showed me how to solder.I have a shake in my hands inherited from my Mum and like painting(which I now know I can do LOL) I thought this was something I would never master.Even with Jen's help I did struggle but it certainly was not as hard I thought and I am so grateful to Jen for showing me.The soldered slide I have started is below.I have to fix the jump ring at right and add some dangles and collage a bit more but I am glad I tried this.

Next it was off to the airport for Jen and me and after a few hick ups for Jen and the funny undies incident we were waving goodbye to Jen and then me to Ness and Hannah and Little Henry.I had a tear in my eye as they disappeared out of sight.....sad to leave new found friends and happy to meet up with old ones and be with my "community"...learning and laughing and fitting in!.I was home by 2.30am,in bed by 3.30am and tomorrow I am back at work.I've loved every minute of my trip and Jen's classes.If anyone has the chance to do them they are inspiring,enabling,a hoot and well worth it.I love picking up my new made treasures and Grant is in awe I did three classes and finished each project let alone that I can drill and solder now LOL.Thank you Jen for teaching us,Ness for organising it and Evelyn and John for being my divine hosts
Annette In Oz


Brenda said...

Fantastic. Soldering is on my list of things to do - even got my soldering iron! Any tips, send them my way!

Jo Wholohan said...

so so stunning annette, glad you had a lovely trip xx

Debbi Baker said...

Wow Annette- fabulous stuff you have made and the classes (and your whole holiday!) sound wonderful. So glad you got to go to them and I am very impressed about the soldering and drilling coz I know how you felt about them before!

Jen Crossley said...

WHat a stuning looking book Annette amazing.Your soldering is wonderful ,Its hard to believe a week today we were shopping at that bead shop.Miss you

Sarah said...

Hi Annette, so glad you had you a fabulous time with Capatin Underpants. She has told me all about you and I am looking forward to meeting you when I get up north which will be mid July. Your book looks brillant as does your soldering. See and meet you soon.

Hermine said...

Fabulous, love it!

gaby braun said...

Fabulous work, love all the details.

Sissy Sparrows said...

I love your book necklace.....I would love to learn how to do this!!


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