Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Tumbling Tide of Time

The end of January is nearly here.Kids will be back at school next week,Christmas and New Years are fading memories and Easter and Valentines draw ever tumbles on and so do I.About two weeks ago I got an e-mail from Stamper Quest e-zine to be their featured artist for February.I love this e-zine and was surprised and delighted to be asked and said yes.They need me to write a little blurb on me and me to do a project for them with instructions.Their theme for Feb is all things hearts and the colour red.I had been working on a "simple"project when they asked and decided to complete it as my project for them.Some how the simple part ended up being not so simple and it has taken several weeks to get it made.

I can't show you the completed item so will just show you some glimpses.It is a 20cmx25cm canvas that has lots of Angelina fusible iridescent film on it,Opals paper,vintage image,Cuttlebug texture and hand beading.I used the fusible film and Opals to make a large 12cmx14.5cm artificial stained glass window and an After Midnight art stamp double heart image as it's central feature.See can glimpse the vintage image and some words underneath.

Here is the top section

a close up of the sewn on leaves,roses and texture paste bricks

It costs nothing to join the Stampers Quest e-zine mail list and receive the monthly e-zine so if you want to see my article and the completed project plus have access to other projects and info join on up :o).Or skip me and join up anyway LOL
Besides the project keeping me on the go the family have kept me tumbling along with time as well.Tim who is 13 has always wanted a motorbike but the conflict here is that we have a 5acres of natural bush so Grant(alias Mr conservation) was equally hesitant fearing bush destruction.Of course the cost was another draw back.Anyway just after Christmas Tim's friend offered to sell us a 90cc Thumpstar dirt bike for just $150 and it was an offer too good to pass up so we got it for was the run around town for helmet,gloves,petrol,making tracks in the bush etc etc.Tim is having a ball though and goes for a ride several times a day.I'm happy he is happy and low and below Grant is OK about it all.Below is Tim on his bike

and the bike on its own

Aaahhh and then in amongst all this I have started painting my Madonna and child drawings for this years Christmas target.I'm onto the seventh one so far.I paint them in my tea break at work which causes some odd comments LOL but I do not mind.Here are the five so far done and sealed ...34 or so to go.

The tumbling tide of time is relentless and I just hope it scoops me up and tumbles me in with some ink and paint :o)


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