Friday, February 21, 2014

I'm Not Dead and Hello At Last Blogglanders!!!

It's been way too long...I have missed creating so much and I can't live without it any longer. Well my joint problems have continued despite the full on Physio/hydrotherapy for many many months and no crafting so I have decided to just get back to creating anyway as not doing it really didn't make any difference what so ever and I'll manage the pain or ignore it. In fact I think the hydrotherapy and physio aggravated more then it helped...not that it isn't a good thing just my problem is worn and tired joints and physio can't undo that damage from working all those years as a nurse in high care aged care. While I was away from creating I went thru the mental mind games that is Workers Compensation and now I am free of those horrid people and have my own health under my control again and not theirs which is GREAT!! If any of you are in that place with Workers Comp there is a good on line place for help (which I found out too late about) here
Besides all the health issues, workers comp hell and never ending appointments from it all we decided to sell and move to far north about endless stress LOL. Well our humble small house in Humpty Doo sold to a friend and didn't even get to the real estate agent and we moved to Julatten the week before Christmas. We have a lovely home here in the Atherton Tablelands at The Port Douglas end. The house is on a hill with lovely mountain views. The view from my front drive is below on a little video
We have a three bedroom place here with lots of storage, walk in robe and en-suite in the main bedroom and a huge three bay garage which we hope to convert 2/3rds  to a self contained unit (ART ROOM LOL) later on. It was the house before main house was built so has a toilet, shower and kitchenette there already but it all needs updating and a wall to section off from other area of garage. Here are some photos

 That view!

 The three bay garage...alias Alchemy palace to be!

Where that ute is will remain a garage part and the rest we shall convert to a self contained unit.

The old plumbing in the garage that needs updating.

We are a close drive to many gorgeous tropical spots here and the scenery is drop dead gorgeous. Its warm but milder then what we are used to enduring when we were living in Northern Territory and we get lovely cool mountain breezes. The house was sold furnished and we have kept some of it but we had to throw out allot too. Our own stuff came just three weeks ago and I am still unpacking. I unpacked house items first and I am now onto the mammoth task of unpacking my art supplies. Till we have the garage converted I'll have to use a small spare room as my art room. I'm separating my jewellery making stuff and it will go in the garage for last some place to use gas/flames safely and not feel like I am about to burn the house down LOL. I seem to have been unpacking art supplies for ever and not getting anywhere...I still have about 19 boxes to go before I can even think about creating. It still looks like a huge mess but here is where I am at so far..the spare room....

Hhhhmmm I think that single bed needs to be a cupboard though a cupboard would be a bit hard for visitors to lie on!!

Metal working and glass bead making stuff in garage with more boxes still to be unpacked.

Well I'm that close to being able to create again I can smell it...or the art fumes are getting to me way or another I shall be back doing what I love sooner then later...stay tuned.
Annette In Oz xxx


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