Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hi all
I' just wanted to say a huge thanks for those who have dropped in and those that left me a comment for the last few posts.I would usually send each person(where able)a thanks but with me doing 90 plus hrs a fortnight at work at the moment I just haven't got time.....I do apologise for that.What an amazing World we live in where we can all share things we are passionate about.I've worn tiny dancer to work this week and everyone loves her...I'm itching to make some more Ice Resin art doll necklaces.
Okies for those who wanted to know where to get the Ice Resin....I got mine from Objects and Elements in the USA and Jen Crossley here in Oz.I had wanted to do Jen's class using it a few weeks back but just couldn't afford it but if you live in an area she is teaching at and can take her class go for it...she is sssooo kind,patient and inspiring.I got the book and the DVD and my first lot of Ice Resin from Objects and Elements...that was before I knew Jen sold it here.I some how knew I would love the stuff so while the parcel came from the USA I got some from Jen too....and I love it,love it,love it!!!
I'm burning dinner AGAIN so have to scoot.Thanks again folks :o).
Annette In Oz

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tiny Dancer Resin Play

I had two days off this week.I thought my extra work at work would finish this week too but they want me to keep going till I go to the retreat in Melbourne mid March.I'm missing having time to be creative but I got time yesterday and this morning to have a little play.I had wanted to do Susan Lenart Kazmer's resin explorations class at the retreat but decided on it too late to get in SSSSOOO I bought some Ice Resin, her DVD and book and gave it a try myself.Here are some bezels and bits I filled with resin last night.I forgot to sand the edge of the large male one this AM but will do that later.The resin is jewellery grade and non toxic and it doesn't yellow even after 30 plus years.

When you apply the resin to papers they become see thru so I made a few leaf forms from hammered annealed wire and added a child head in a bezel and attached it all to an old broken clay pipe I found in the old gold fields up here...I've called her "Tiny Dancer".The arms have little music notes and her body form has a piece of paper that reads "Please get my skirt(dress) cleaned."

I'm liking the resin.You MUST measure it accurately as I was slightly off and it wouldn't dry even after three hrs and I thought I had to throw it all out.Thankfully the heat here saved the day and when I woke in the AM all was well and the resin was nice and hard.Shame I have to go to work NOW!!!
Annette In Oz

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm DONE!!!!!

Quietly in her corner of the World an arty farty lass has been working feverishly to a DEAD line....her hours at work had been increased but her heart always belonged to the creative realm in her soul.She lives and breathes ink stained hands,paint,woven wires,schmincke powders, polished pigments and so on....oh the tactile and visual delights that we all have the ability to make yet so few do.So she worked in small spurts and now she is done.Her Collaborative paper bag book pages have emerged...the theme is one is about Nurturing Nature

and page two...a hand drawn and painted birds eye view of our World and the recognition that Nature carries a heavy load...well to carry US...her eggs!!!

They are on their way to England and I await some art from others around the World in return...I made it.
Annette In Oz

Monday, February 8, 2010

Altered State Of Things :o)

Today I had one day off and got into my second lot of collaborative paper bag book pages.I have till next Mon at the latest to have them finished and in the post to ensure they get to England on time by the end of the month.I was clearing my desk to have a clean area to work on and found my altered Pez container that I made in a class with Michael De Meng in 2007.He still works and still amuses the kids.He was the Mc Squizzy character from ?.Over The Hedge or another kids film.I loved his eyes and made them the focus point.On the top there is the top part of a plastic praying mantis and an old optical lens.The middle was a small frame and a small glass topped tin that has a lady inside with the word "men" and the bottom was a small desert bowl.

His mouth are hinges that open

and on the back is another decorative frame with half a female face in there and the word "EX"

I was aiming for some sort of barnacle encrusted sea creature that ate all the men that treated Woman badly LOL.YES I have a very vivid imagination OK..
Annette In Oz

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Altered Light Switch by Celeste

My dear friend Celeste sent me one of her altered light switches and I just love it!!.I was so surprised to receive it as Celeste hadn't told me it was on the way.It came in a shimmery gold painted, stamped and stitched pouch that was a map page.

front of pouch

And here is the altered light switch that tiny scroll in there and alcohol inked frame...just gorgeous :o).

THANK YOU SO MUCH Celeste.Life's curve balls are coming at me this last week or so so I have had very little time to get creative.We are due for accreditation at work in three weeks so I'm working six evenings a week doing some extra paperwork/computer entry stuff.I'm still trying to finish my collaborative paper bag book pages as well so the days are busy and racing by.The extra work has exacerbated my degenerative disc problem ggggrrr but I do like working in the office in the evening when all is quiet on my own.
Paula and Barry recently left a comment about my "Fairy Poem" post...I still don't know who wrote it but Paula's and Barry's comments gave me goose bumps.It seems this poem was well known here and other areas of the World.I'm so thankful I could remember it at all after all these years and I'm touched it gave Paula's Mum some comfort in her time of loss.Barry you are the same age as my Mum so maybe she too was taught the poem in school.I'll call her on Monday and ask.


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