Thursday, February 4, 2010

Altered Light Switch by Celeste

My dear friend Celeste sent me one of her altered light switches and I just love it!!.I was so surprised to receive it as Celeste hadn't told me it was on the way.It came in a shimmery gold painted, stamped and stitched pouch that was a map page.

front of pouch

And here is the altered light switch that tiny scroll in there and alcohol inked frame...just gorgeous :o).

THANK YOU SO MUCH Celeste.Life's curve balls are coming at me this last week or so so I have had very little time to get creative.We are due for accreditation at work in three weeks so I'm working six evenings a week doing some extra paperwork/computer entry stuff.I'm still trying to finish my collaborative paper bag book pages as well so the days are busy and racing by.The extra work has exacerbated my degenerative disc problem ggggrrr but I do like working in the office in the evening when all is quiet on my own.
Paula and Barry recently left a comment about my "Fairy Poem" post...I still don't know who wrote it but Paula's and Barry's comments gave me goose bumps.It seems this poem was well known here and other areas of the World.I'm so thankful I could remember it at all after all these years and I'm touched it gave Paula's Mum some comfort in her time of loss.Barry you are the same age as my Mum so maybe she too was taught the poem in school.I'll call her on Monday and ask.

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