Monday, February 8, 2010

Altered State Of Things :o)

Today I had one day off and got into my second lot of collaborative paper bag book pages.I have till next Mon at the latest to have them finished and in the post to ensure they get to England on time by the end of the month.I was clearing my desk to have a clean area to work on and found my altered Pez container that I made in a class with Michael De Meng in 2007.He still works and still amuses the kids.He was the Mc Squizzy character from ?.Over The Hedge or another kids film.I loved his eyes and made them the focus point.On the top there is the top part of a plastic praying mantis and an old optical lens.The middle was a small frame and a small glass topped tin that has a lady inside with the word "men" and the bottom was a small desert bowl.

His mouth are hinges that open

and on the back is another decorative frame with half a female face in there and the word "EX"

I was aiming for some sort of barnacle encrusted sea creature that ate all the men that treated Woman badly LOL.YES I have a very vivid imagination OK..
Annette In Oz

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