Sunday, January 22, 2012

Steampunk necklace-Plans

I had my last day off yesterday and unwilling have to return to work this arvo. We had spent the previous few days going out to Kakadu and then down to Mataranka. Both areas are so beautiful in the Wet season and both had little or no tourists. That left me with one day off to have a play in my room and release some built up creativity blocked by last years relative invasion that saw my art room occupied from May till December. I loved every minute of having visitors here though it did keep me from being as creative as I like.
As usual I had no idea what I was going to make and the thought that maybe I had better "plan" my projects popped in my head...well that led me to think of all the things we plan in plans to create, plans to marry, plans to build a home and so on and so on....before I knew it my necklace arose from thinking about plans. Like a little light bulb being turned on, ideas for its creation sprung to mind. I picked up a gorgous house shaped glass pendent that I got from Amarkintime and away I went. Anywho here it is...light bulb and all.
This is side one...a creator waiting for his light bulb moment and his plans sealed in glass above him...

 And here is side two...a couple planning their future. Maybe the light bulb for them is the old style flash going off or the moment they realized they had become husband and wife.

One necklace down and many more to come this year I hope.
Annette In Oz.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Just Charming

When I went to New Zealand last September we gave each other hand made charms. Some are too delicate to be used as wearable art but others were perfect. yesterday I stole some ME time and made a charm bracelet. I added some of my own handmade charms, ice resined bezels and ice resined paint brushes to fill it in. I think I shall add more things as time goes by. Here are lots of images..

I also made a card for my friend.
Well I am off to Kakadu for the night with grant. We shall do the 12km bark walk tomorrow. In this heat it may be a challenge LOL but I love bush walking. When I am home I want to add the remainder of the NZ charms to a little handmade book the folks gave from NZ as well. I'm looking forward to a creative year to come...the best kind of year for me :o)
Annette In Oz


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