Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mum's 80th Birthday Card

Mum will get her card in the am so I can show you all the full detail now. So here is the photo of my Mum I used:

 The card base is rusted card stock run thru the Cuttlebug using various embossingg folders. I used spray inks and Gilders Paste to give the embellishments a rusty look as well.

 "I did not inherit your grace or beauty".

 "But I did inherit your Creative Wings to Fly"

if you have not noticed I have sorted thru my blog over the last three days and now have stand alone pages that you can click on at the top of where the posts are. These contain individual images from nearly all my posts for people to browse thru if they wish :o).
Annette In Oz

Forest Kingfishers

Grant has been out in the bush and taken some lovely photos of some forest kingfishers:

and with his new lens last night he took this close up of  green tree frog eye.

I do love the Wet season frogs!
Annette In Oz

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thinking Big and Sneak Peak-Creative Wings To Fly

Week 2 post op and the pain has settled to a steady gnawing ache in my left shoulder. Its not unbearable, though I curse to the heavens doing the Physio exercises LOL. I've been keeping myself busy doing nothing :o) and the days are creeping by. I got the doctors sick certificate for work in the mail yesterday...6 weeks I thought I would be back in 3-4 weeks! Then to top off my woes a trip to the Optometrist has resulted in me now needing/getting bifocal glasses that I have to wear at all times when I am awake....who knew my feet would like Hobbits feet as I peer at them thru the lower lens part ROFL. As a nurse you would think I am as patient with myself as those I care for but NO...I am hard on myself and being hyper naturally, slowing down is like putting cement wings on my back...I'll still struggle to try to fly *grin*....scoots off out to the clothesline where clothes are hung by throwing with good arm and no pegs is now back on and back to the computer I go.
I am digressing though. I've been reading and Internet surfing allot. I keep coming across mixed media suppliers that only deal to wholesale people. I order allot of stuff from all over the World as I can't get it here or its just plain cheaper that way. Finding these wholesale only sites has my thoughts racing...should I dare to dream a little dream....maybe think big?....thinking I just may register a business name and start a small mixed media on line shop...stocking art/craft items and some unique things for mixed media and general creative pursuits. Stuff I make I could sell as kits with instructions etc from the site too maybe....thinking thinking.
Its taken me along time to come to realize I am a mixed media artist...I do use artist lightly as I do not have an arts degree but I use mediums for artists and mix them maybe more of an Art Alchemist I suppose. HHHmm Art Alchemy or Alchemy Arts shop maybe??....all just thoughts....heck I don't even know how to make or know someone who makes a website...I shall have to have a chin wag with some friends who do this already and sus it all out. If any off you have some helpful hints regarding my big thoughts jump right on in OK :o)
As I have stated its my Mum's 80th birthday on and my slinged armed took all day yesterday to slowly make her a card...well actually my right arm and the "third hand" tool on my desk made the card LOL. My Mum looks in here at times so I wont put the whole card up till she gets it herself but I thought I would show a sneak peak....the base of the card is rust treated card stock so I kept to the rustic colour scheme for my palette. The main image is a photo of my Mum as a teen...around 16yrs old I think holding my cousin. This is a photo taken last week with my Mum Nancye and my daughter Carlia...Mum is in Adelaide were my daughters live escaping her 80th birthday.

This is the photo of Mum I have used on her was blurred and faded so I have cleaned it up a bit in Photoshop. I printed it onto sticky backed fabric..

 A peak at the top left of the card...oh man I so love Gilders Paste...esp the Patina colour

 A rustic gate maybe

 Rustic looking lock and key.

 and some of the words inside...

As I am not allowed to drive at the moment so I'll get Tim (still can't believe my baby boy is driving!!!) to drive me to the Post Office when he gets home from school. I hope Mum likes her card and I shall show you all soon. Back to scanning more old photos in preparation for Mum's book I am yet to make. I have an ink stained hand from yesterdays hand is happy...I am happy :o)
hugs Annette In Oz...dreaming a little dream...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I heART you

My arm is slowly healing post rotator cuff repair. I had no idea how painful that operation is post op...I get quite frustrated with myself that I can not do art work except for some sketching here and there. I'm not even allowed to drive the car for four weeks. I've been spending the time walking alot and going thru old magazines to pull out projects that I may want pre tossing them out. Ive also been keeping on top of my e-mails for a change LOL. I was tiding up my desk today so I can get to it easily when I am able to use my arm again without pain. Under some magazines there was an old cardboard box that I use for my spray colours and shimmery mists. I had last used it for samples for when I went to NZ. It looks so pretty I thought I would share.

I'll keep the image as no doubt it shall be lost as I use the box more. Please use it if you like for some art projects. If I can't create you may as well LOL. My gorgeous Mum turns 80 on Friday. I have a lovely but blurry photo of her when she was 16 that I have tidied up a bit in Photoshop.I have now printed it on calico. I'm going to TRY to make her a simple card after dinner with one arm....we shall see where that takes me :o). Thankyou to all who have sent me well wishes and I heART you back LOL.
Annette In Oz

Friday, February 10, 2012

PLEASE Vote For Melissa for last time

Hi all
the operation on my shoulder went well on Monday. Its still quite painful and I can't do much with my arm but it can only get better from here. My daughter Melissa is in the last competition stages to win a trip to Paris. Voting is open till the 19th and the winner gets a trip to Paris. Unfortunately only Aussies can vote. Please vote for her would be an amazing thing for her to win..
She is on the right hand side...the black and while photo with Melissa under neath :o).
Annette In Oz

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Travelling this path

Hi all
well I have been furiously cutting metal for etching for my 3D etched metal house project but time is running out for me to complete it as I have to have a shoulder cuff repair operation on Monday which may have me only able to use my right arm for 4-6 weeks afterwards. That will challenge and annoy me so I think I shall start to kick start my drawing attempts in the time I am incapacitated and the 3D houses shall have to wait. It was with this in mind I did an art search in YouTube...OMG there are so many paths and doors open when you look thru these but my search and path led me to watching YouTube videos by Gary Reef...I had stumbled across him before but today I really sat and watched many of his inspiring videos. He is a mixed media contemporary artist...he does assemblage, he sounds kind, generous and VERY inspiring AND he uses and loves found objects. You can find him in YouTube under CapricornArtist73.
After sitting here watching his videos I  was in awe and full of inspiration. I have decided to join his web site community called Loving Mixed Media and when my shoulder is healed I shall do some on line classes there or thru his website here.  I love his gallery of art at his website too. There is also a link to his blog there as well. While I think I have found my niche in making mixed media jewellery thanks to classes with Jen Crossley and Susan Lenart Kazmer I never want to not keep following an artistic path and as such, travelling this path will always change...this is the path I choose to follow from the small child who drew for pleasure(past posts here and here) never knowing she could draw well to the artistic adventurer I am now...onward I walk albeit with a broken wing next week LOL...just another challenge to cross :o)
Annette In Oz


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