Saturday, February 4, 2012

Travelling this path

Hi all
well I have been furiously cutting metal for etching for my 3D etched metal house project but time is running out for me to complete it as I have to have a shoulder cuff repair operation on Monday which may have me only able to use my right arm for 4-6 weeks afterwards. That will challenge and annoy me so I think I shall start to kick start my drawing attempts in the time I am incapacitated and the 3D houses shall have to wait. It was with this in mind I did an art search in YouTube...OMG there are so many paths and doors open when you look thru these but my search and path led me to watching YouTube videos by Gary Reef...I had stumbled across him before but today I really sat and watched many of his inspiring videos. He is a mixed media contemporary artist...he does assemblage, he sounds kind, generous and VERY inspiring AND he uses and loves found objects. You can find him in YouTube under CapricornArtist73.
After sitting here watching his videos I  was in awe and full of inspiration. I have decided to join his web site community called Loving Mixed Media and when my shoulder is healed I shall do some on line classes there or thru his website here.  I love his gallery of art at his website too. There is also a link to his blog there as well. While I think I have found my niche in making mixed media jewellery thanks to classes with Jen Crossley and Susan Lenart Kazmer I never want to not keep following an artistic path and as such, travelling this path will always change...this is the path I choose to follow from the small child who drew for pleasure(past posts here and here) never knowing she could draw well to the artistic adventurer I am now...onward I walk albeit with a broken wing next week LOL...just another challenge to cross :o)
Annette In Oz


lisa_crofts said...

I have been following gary for awhile on youtube. He has such an infectious personailty and his videos are great.

stregata said...

Sorry to hear about your shoulder - wishing you the best for the procedure and speedy recovery afterwards!
Thanks for sharing your discovery - I am off to take a look at what inspires you.

Suzanne said...

Thanks for the tip re CapricornArtist73.
Good luck with the shoulder operation!

Chris Arlington said...

Annette, I am wishing you a speedy recovery. Nurses are notorious for being naughty patients sooooo, behave yourself.
Love, Chris

Night Owl Designs said...

Hope the surgery went ok Annette. Hope the recovery is not too painful!


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