Monday, July 26, 2010

Two Simple Etched Necklaces

Good health is evading me and mine at the moment.I'm on my days off and have come down sick with a sinus infection and exacerbation of my asthma...oh well means I am staying in and in between the fog descending in my head I shall clean the house and create...or just create LOL.My beautiful older daughter Carlia(20yrs old) is in the local hospital at the moment and I feel bad I wont be able to go in and see her today...they are still not sure what is happening with her and have just done some tests...maybe gall bladder, kidney...I hope not as she only has one due to a birth defect or her appendix.It's awful not knowing what is happening but as a nurse I know she is in the best place to get it sorted out.
Anywho here are 2 simple etched necklaces.This one has a square bezel and ice resin trapped copy of a famous painting in the bezel.It's a bit hard to see but under the old chandelier glass it says "time" so Take time to smell the flowers...

and closer
The second one has a Collection's vintage image covered in ice resin inside a rusty old ring I found in the gold fields up here.

and closer

The weather up here has gone bonkers and last night was hot...I even have the air con today...very odd indeed.Come back "Dry" season...I like cool nights!!!
Annette In Oz

Monday, July 19, 2010

Etched and Woven Nest Set

My time off is fast running out and I thought I wouldn't get to my nest set today as we have had computer trouble and I spent most of the day trying to sort it out. It's of course working now but maybe not tomorrow. Anyway I made my nest set again after dinner and here they are below. When I get some more sterling silver wire I'll make some ear-rings to go with them.

There is a nest necklace complete with one of Jen's caste pewter branches at the top. The light reflected off the dictionary word but it says "soar".

Nest ring from front

and side.

An etched brass cuff with a large nest and large eggs and some soft feathers. The large wings were gently bent to wrap around the contours of the cuff.

Cuff from one side

and the other.

Only 2 days of freedom left before its back to work for me but above my desks now hangs 6 new necklaces, four shimmery cuffs and 1 ring. Wonder how long they will stay there before my girls snaffle them as presents for their friends...but this time I'll ask for some money for them LOL. A gal needs money for more supplies you know LOL.
Annette In Oz

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lost In the Music...Ice Resin Bezel

One more for today. I love this vintage dancer and have used her on many projects.....she looks lost in the music and dance. Into the bezel she went, filled it in with ice resin and backed it with some vintage music sheet. The little glass vile above her head was from Jen Crossley and had a minute rock sample in an inner capsule. On the outside it has "fitrite" on it. I rolled some of the old music sheet and put it in the capsule and filled that with ice resin.Then I filled the vial and pushed the capsule back in and corked it. I made a small hole in the cork to make sure it would still set.

I had some trouble working out how to attach it all as I don't have items to drill into the glass vial and there was no bevel on the vial to stop the wire falling off one end of it. Anywho there it is....lost in the music and me lost at my desk LOL.
Annette In Oz

An Ice Resin Necklace

AAArrggg this flu isn't nice at least its given me some time to get creative, though not the best way to spend your much awaited week off work being sick. I've been meaning to make another leaf form necklace for ages and finally got it finished this am. The two vintage children images are embedded in place with ice resin. The old dictionary parts also have ice resin on the way it goes see thru and brownish when you ice resin old papers...the dictionary part in the body is for the word "lively" and in the arms it says "bright" and "things". Which really describes the person this is for. I used hammered annealed wire for the leaf parts.

It's for a friend in Melbourne who liked my original one when I was down there in March at the Creative Soul Retreat. Hope she likes it...if not she can send it back LOL. Onto some nests today and another vintage looking necklace to go with my copper cuff. Now what to do with all this jewellery LOL. Thanks to everyone for your encouraging comments too and well wishes :o).
Annette In Oz

Friday, July 16, 2010

Steampunk bracelet-Miss 6's Older Sister-etched brass cuff

Well the cleaning of the kitchen cupboards is still a work in progress LOL. I've come down with a nasty flu and I was meant to go to a stamping week-end in town from this evening. I feel yucko and I don't want to make anyone else sick, so I stayed at home and I consoled myself with etching in the day and making another cuff after dinner. My little Miss 6 necklace came shopping with me on Thursday and I have never had so many people interested in my chest *grin*. Anyway I thought she would need a big sister to accompany her on visits to town in the future. As Miss 6 is rather out there, I imagined her sister would be a wee bit out there too. She has wings like her little sister and some cogs here and there. Her smiling face shines thru the ice resin from her large brass nut frame.

These two must have had an artistic Mum LOL...maybe a vintage dancer or a circus lady. I have some more etched brass to play with tomorrow. I really want to make another brass nest set as I gave my last set away to a dear friend who admired them. Then I need to get into a book for someone else. It feels good to create and even though the head is not clear it stops me thinking of how disappointed I am at not stamping all week-end with my friends!!
Annette In Oz

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Copper Cuff and Soldered bezel

Don't know how this minute I was taking out all the stuff in the kitchen cupboards to give them an annual clean...then I went to my desk to put yet another handy "kitchen item" on my craft desk....I swear aliens then abducted me as I lost three hours and came to my senses with some jewellery in my hands LOL. I made this etched copper cuff with stained gauze and an ice resin filled decorative frame. I love using the metal patina on the etched metal items these days. As you can see there is an air bubble on the ladies head but it doesn't show up in the light just in the camera light. The beauty with ice resin is you can sand imperfections and then "heal "the error with some more liquid ice resin if you have too.

Jen Crossley I did it!!!!.I finally gave soldering a try with Jen's help several times.(thanks JEN)....yes my hands shook and yes I redid it maybe four looks rough and rustic but I got there. Here is my first soldered handmade bezel. This is one I sanded afterwards and then healed with the ice resin (Jen sells the resin here in Oz) as two small bugs had landed on the wet resin as it cured overnight. The photo was taken off centre and the half clock sticks out at the right but is not evident from the front on. I placed the bg in, did a layer of resin, let it set, added the clock, poured more resin, let it set, added the little girls and the ruler and then domed the resin on top and left it all to set.

Suppose I had better get back to the kitchen and complete the housework but making stuff is so much more fun LOL.
Annette In Oz

Friday, July 9, 2010

Steampunk necklace-Miss 6

It's funny how things can not mean much on their on but when placed near by they are transformed.I had an old medicine cup(what else would a registered nurse have, along with scalpel blades etc etc LOL)on my desk and it had a mix of metallic odds an ends in there like an Ice resin filled bezel with a small child image inside,some etched brass (Jen Crossley got me addicted to etching....and I am so glad she did),a twisted piece of annealed wire I had used to practice making circles with,a dangle thingo and a tiny brass number 6.I tipped them all out and they sort of fell in an art doll shape.HHHmmm what if I cut that etched brass into a torso and add the head wings and legs.....and a necklace called miss 6 evolved.Here she is image taken flash off.

and with flash on.

I think the right wing needs lowering but then again we as humans are asymmetrical ourselves so maybe I shall leave it.My hand made necklaces and rings etc are accumulating LOL but I sssoo love making these metal things.
My work life has been maniac like since January and its easy to forget the wonders that are all around us every day...slow down and look is a gorgeous sunset at Lee Point here in Darwin taken a few days ago.

We are off to the Bungle Bungle's again next month with my Mum and Grant's Mum....the magic of our land allures me and I can't wait to go there again.
Annette In Oz


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