Monday, July 26, 2010

Two Simple Etched Necklaces

Good health is evading me and mine at the moment.I'm on my days off and have come down sick with a sinus infection and exacerbation of my asthma...oh well means I am staying in and in between the fog descending in my head I shall clean the house and create...or just create LOL.My beautiful older daughter Carlia(20yrs old) is in the local hospital at the moment and I feel bad I wont be able to go in and see her today...they are still not sure what is happening with her and have just done some tests...maybe gall bladder, kidney...I hope not as she only has one due to a birth defect or her appendix.It's awful not knowing what is happening but as a nurse I know she is in the best place to get it sorted out.
Anywho here are 2 simple etched necklaces.This one has a square bezel and ice resin trapped copy of a famous painting in the bezel.It's a bit hard to see but under the old chandelier glass it says "time" so Take time to smell the flowers...

and closer
The second one has a Collection's vintage image covered in ice resin inside a rusty old ring I found in the gold fields up here.

and closer

The weather up here has gone bonkers and last night was hot...I even have the air con today...very odd indeed.Come back "Dry" season...I like cool nights!!!
Annette In Oz

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