Sunday, July 18, 2010

An Ice Resin Necklace

AAArrggg this flu isn't nice at least its given me some time to get creative, though not the best way to spend your much awaited week off work being sick. I've been meaning to make another leaf form necklace for ages and finally got it finished this am. The two vintage children images are embedded in place with ice resin. The old dictionary parts also have ice resin on the way it goes see thru and brownish when you ice resin old papers...the dictionary part in the body is for the word "lively" and in the arms it says "bright" and "things". Which really describes the person this is for. I used hammered annealed wire for the leaf parts.

It's for a friend in Melbourne who liked my original one when I was down there in March at the Creative Soul Retreat. Hope she likes it...if not she can send it back LOL. Onto some nests today and another vintage looking necklace to go with my copper cuff. Now what to do with all this jewellery LOL. Thanks to everyone for your encouraging comments too and well wishes :o).
Annette In Oz

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