Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mona Lisa Etched Cuff

OMG time is something I seem to have little of lately. I had meant to get the other images up sooner of recent cuffs and necklaces but darn time to do so never came around...really who has "spare time" these days and if you do may I have some please?. My jewellery is happily in a shop in Queensland now. The shop is called Damsel In This dress and its located in Robina plus they have a Facebook site. Its still so odd for me to think of my jewellery in a shop some place. Here is a photo they sent me of one of thier beautiful models wearing thier gorgeous vintage style clothes and my jewellery!!!

The cuff she has on is the Mona Lisa cuff below. Its etched brass, aged with patina and has an ice resin filled bezel plus floral brass stampings.

This is from the side

My Mum left yesterday and we had an awesome time together. We ate too much and seemes to be busy doing just what I am not sure LOL. We did fit in a Tiwi Island day tour which was awesome. I had never been before and it was very interesting and enjoyable. After I sort thru the 100 odd emails I have neglected I'll get some more jewellery images up :o)
Annette In Oz

Monday, June 11, 2012

New CUFFS-dog cuff!!!

We had a smooth and cold trip to Adelaide and I am back home now without Grant.  The nights in Adelaide were bitterly cold for us tropical climate dwellers with the overnight temp down to 2 degrees. I was overjoyed to see my beautiful girls again but in the back of my mind was that I would be leaving Grant here for a year for him to work at Adelaide Zoo...while Tim and I stayed in Darwin. It was very hard leaving him at the airport and I only got on the plane. I'm already itching to find out his new roster at Adelaide zoo so I can get him a flight home when he has four days off. While he is away I am going to keep myself busy with lots of art.
A few weeks before I left my daughter Missy told me about a shop asking if anyone wanted to sell thier hand made items on commission. They make hand made vintage style clothing. I thought what the heck and sent them the link to here to see my jewellery. To my utter surprise they loved what I make and I have since sent them all the pieces I had that were yet to sell. I also made them several vintage style, ice resined, bottle cap necklaces. I only had one etched cuff so made some more cuffs before we left for Adelaide. This is the first one. Its etched nickel silver with black patina for solder on top to age it. The focal is a vintage hand painted dog, large ?china cabochon. Underneath that there is a brass filigree stamping that is also aged with black patina for solder

I loved the look of this one but its safely in the shop window now. I'll upload the other cuffs over the next few days.
My dear Mum arrives on Friday and will be here for 12 days so after she goes I shall immerse myself in arty goodness :o)
Annette In Oz xxx


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