Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Art Heart Finally Voices Its Self!!

CREATIVE SELF: Hello are you still there?.....HELLO!!!!

ME: Hello....yes I am here....are you Ok now?

CREATIVE SELF: Yep I think I am much better now....I just needed to take some time out....I needed to heal a broken art soul, to sort thru the art junk and re-find my colourful creative, intuitive path again, to toss some very negative people in my life aside, whom had me feel less then my inner art heart knew I truly am...to find my creative raw self again ....yes I am here.....can we try to hold each others hands and walk together again?

ME: I would so love that....I was always here....always thinking of you but felt I was in a sticky muddy dark hole and couldn't connect to you any more....a busy life made me drift even further away....the layers of life pilled on and even though I KNEW you were still in here I wasn't sure how to find you again.

Then you started to creep into my thoughts....my eyes and brain started to fire arty thoughts full of creative wonders and maybes.....the layers started to peel off and so I waited for you...to heal, to look for me and to call my name again. I'm holding your ink stained hand now...

CREATIVE SELF: It's been so long and I think we shall have to do this in baby art steps till we are fully as one again but I am excited.

CREATIVE ME: My art will be simple....it will be sparse to start with but I shall dream big dreams, I will get ink, paint, glue etc on my hands, I will not let people harm my art heart again....creative self and me are one again and I will create!!


                                                 Annette In Oz x




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