Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hand Made Cards

Oh my I got so side tracked with visitors for last few months that I forgot 2 peoples birthdays. Here are a few more cards made recently. The first one I have used some of my grungy bg I made a few days ago. Image is from Creative Individuals. Gail Hart sells their stuff in Oz. Missed this persons birthday by a week!. It will be in the mail tomorrow.
 A closer view.

 We then got  a call from Grant's Mum and she let us know we forgot Grant's nephew Ryan's birthday as well. So I made a lovely messy bluish grungy bg.

 Then I added this sad or sorry looking boy. His crown looks "whole" in real life.I used some mica powder on it and the light isn't reflecting off the whole crown when I take a photo. I'm a month late with this one!!!. It too will be in the mail tomorrow.

 Closer view.

 This one I actually made and sent on time LOL. It was for Jen Crossley whom I also made the friendship necklace for.

It was very daunting making Jen a card and necklace as she is humungously talented herself. I even managed to send this one early LOL. Hope I do better during the year with birthdays.
Annette In Oz

Friday, June 17, 2011

Arty Ironing Ideas

Hi all
I was meant to be ironing and got side tracked thinking of all the arty things you can do with an iron so started a list in Facebook. Here is the list so far. Anyone got some more?
(NOTE: Gladbake is baking parchment and Gladwrap is plastic food wrap...the cheaper brands work best!!)
(1) Heat transferring images to card, metal etc. To do it onto metal sand with fine sand paper, spritz with acetone , place toner printed image side down and iron on hot setting no steam to transfer the image to the metal
(2) Ironing patterns in Angelina fibres with stamps-place fibres on top of stamp, cover with Gladbake and iron on hot setting no steam. Image will imprint into the fused fibres
(3) Same with velvet by spritzing fury side of velvet first with water, lay wet side down on top of stamp, add sheet Gladbake and then iron firmly no steam....image will imprint in the velvet
(4) Ironing Opals embossing enamels to make Opals paper and then - sprinkle opals onto Vilene with or without tissue material on top or on material itself and iron between Gladbake...opals melt and embed in the base...opals paper
(5) Can use Lumiere paints or alcohol inks to colour Opals paper, Cuttlebug emboss it, sew thru it, place over a stamp add Gladbake and iron on top, leave till cool and peel up stamp to imprint image into the opals paper
(6) Heat transferring foil onto toner images-place foil over toner printed image, Gladbake on top and iron. The foil will stay on the image
(7) Ironing crayon shavings onto water colour paper
(8) Making T-shirt transfers-use the T-shirt paper, print image on top and iron image to other surfaces...not necessarily onto a T-shirt LOL
(9) Making Opals embossing enamel transfers from toner images-apply a very wet layer of Versamark watermark ink to a toner printed image, glossy mag image or wrapping paper etc. Sprinkle on clear Franklin opals and iron or pour pre melted Franklin on top. Leave till cool. Opals will sink into the paper a bit. Place opals/image in warm water and rub off the back. Image will be transfered to the opals. Can colour it with Lumiere paint, alcohol inks etc
(10) Ironing tissue paper, material etc to vilene with vliesofix ready for colour wash spraying, Can sew it, stamp it, Cuttlebug emboss it etc
(11) Drying wet card stock
(12) Ironing pleats etc into wet cardstock or paper
(13) 'altering' shopping bags between 2 sheets baking parchment
(14) Iron 4 or 5 layers of bubble wrap together (one layer at a time between baking parchment !) creates interesting plastic that can be punched
(15) Making toasted sandwiches in a hotel room ! (Iron between baking parchment !)
(16) Ironing Lumiered and stamped Gladwrap to card etc between Gladbake
(17) Faux batik-stamp with clear ink or pale ink of choice onto water colour paper. Sprinkle on clear embossing powder and heat set/melt it with heat gun. Sponge on colour with inks, spray washes etc. Place paper towel on top and then Gladbake on top of that and iron-raised embossing powder disappears=faux batik
(18) Encaustic wax painting
(19) Apply water colour crayon to stamp, put cardstock on top and iron
(20) Encasing glitter, shiny shiva mirrors, tiny shiny plastic shapes and Angelina fibres etc between organza or other sheer material. Use Vliesofix on base material, sprinkle on the shiny things, organza on top, Gladbake on top of that and iron on a lower heat....crazy stitch away or not *grin*
(21) Squeeze lemon juice and use as an ink on cardstock or’s invisible till heat applied with heat gun or iron...use lemon juice sponged onto card with a sea sponge and then iron for interesting effect
(22) Varitone ink sponged thru stencils and ironed makes for cool aged looking backgrounds...the more heat you apply the darker it gets. I got some from and the cutest tiny 1inch frozen charlotte plus other amazing altered retro art bits.
(23) Faux carnival glass as per Zeborah Loray(an amazingly arty friend in USA). Apply 3 layers of black Currawong Opals embossing enamel (or other dark colour)onto a base like card, glass, wood, metal etc using an iron or heat gun. On top molten layer apply Fantasy film or other. When cool apply 2-3 layers Franklin clear opals on top with iron or heat gun. Press a stamp on top while molten and leave to cool. Peel stamp up and tada faux carnival glass
(24) Found this one out when I was ironing Fantasy Film or Angelina film...if you have yr iron too hot it makes tiny honey comb effects with the shiny film. Makes a gorgeous bg
(25) Squeeze out some transluscent liquid sculpey onto some Gladbake, spread it out evenly with finger and ensure there are no air bubbles, lay toner image face down on top, add another sheet Gladbake and iron on hot with no steam till TLS sets. Peel off image and it will transfer to TLS. You can cut, Cuttlebug emboss it, sew it, colour it etc. Ohh...I've coloured the TLS with mica powders pre transfer and also applied TLS on a base first like skeleton leaves or sheer material for interesting effects. Can apply the TLS directly to the toner image first as well.
(26) Nappy linner rubbing. Use cheap nappy(diaper liners) liners and make a rubbing from a textured surface with Shiva paint sticks. Place rubbing over base card or material, Gladbake on top and iron-no steam. Nappy liner will melt in parts and stick to base
(27) Just remembered Press-n-peel used for transferring an image of a circuit board plan onto copper pre etching. Could use the same idea but use family photos made into digital "stamps" in photoshop...there is a how too at art-e-zine here Make digi stamp, print it on Press-n-peel, place image side down on prepared base metal and iron on hot setting no steam with firm pressure. Image is now on metal and has a built in resist so can be etched!!. Here is a longer how too and more info about it
(28) Tyvek-iron between 2 sheets Gladbake. One side becomes 'bobbly' and the other 'spider-webby' Oh and remember there are a couple of types of Tyvek. Smooth- thick and thin. Textured- Linen like and industrial. All VERY ineteresting !
(29) You can use Gladwrap as a glue to bind 2 things together. Just put a sheet between two peices of cardstock, cardstock and paper, 2 pieces material etc . Iron between Gladbake. The plastic melts and "glues" the items together
(30) Reynolds freezer paper- has a plastic coating that melts so can be used as a binder when ironed. I esp like to use this when I want to feed material thru the printer. Cut material and freezer paper to A4 size. Place material on top and iron between Gladbake. The material will now be stuck on the freezer paper and can be fed into the printer(ensure any loose threads are cut close to the freezer paper edge). It easily peels off again when you need to use the printed fabric!
(31) Making "stary night scene" on black painted cardstock or black materials etc using Super mend sprinkled on(its like fine sand and is a glue in powder form used on material..or otherLOL) and then iron gold, silver or hologram foil over top(with Gladbake between foil and iron). Foil sticks to Super mend sprinkles= stary night!!
(32) Faux stained glass. Use heat reistive film for laser printer-sticky backed clear if you can get it. Stamp an open pattern on smooth side with Stazon black ink. Press lead lighting strips onto the stamped image lines. Iron fantasy film, angelina film etc chunks to rear inside the lead strip guides. Sprinkle on Franklin clear Opals and iron between Gladbake

Annette In Oz
who just got some awesome stuff from the today...will share photos later...I really have to get the house work DONE!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Getting My grunge On

I'm working on several projects at once on my desk. As a part dries on one I work on another. In amongst the growing mess I quickly made a 50th birthday card for my brother Steven. The image is him at 7 months old.I adjusted the colour in Photoshop. Here is the original.

I got all ink and paint stained doing the next part but I loved it LOL. I made a grungy background for the image to go on. I was reminded about making a grungy bg when I visited Chris Arlingtons blog post.

Add some stained gauze, some cogs, a wing, dictionary words for "brother", a fuse, an old tape measure and a party hat and tada
Better get it in the post tomorrow...only a week late but better late then never.
Annette In Oz

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Visitors Galore and Silversmithing No More

We have had a busy but great time with My Mum and Aunty Marg here for 2 weeks followed by my sister. Colleen and her hubby Jim for another 2 weeks. We did all the tourists spots with both so had 2 trips tp glorious Kakadu, Litchfield, Katherine Gorge etc etc. Here is Col and Jim in front of a rather large Cathedral Termite mound.Jim is around 6ft tall so you get an idea of the mounds real height!!!

Col and Jim at Ubirr in Kakadu with the flood plains behind them

We stayed and watched the sun set. It was quite over-caste but we watched...and waited...

 aaahhhh another glorious sunset over the Northern Territory of Oz

 While Col and Jim did the Katherine Gorge cruise Grant and I went on a walk above the escarpment and found this curious rock monster by the path. I think someone had too much time on their hands LOL.

Along with visitors leaving I did my last Silversmithing class this week gone. I had made two diffrent sterling silver wire twists. I made one into a bracelet as I actualy didn't own any bracelets.
and the other piece was smaller so once I had rolled it I made a set of hoop ear-rings out of it.

I'm already missing my visitors as we do not see people we know for years at times. Col and Jim had never been to the NT and loved it so hope they come back and see us again soon. Well the house has just been cleaned, 6 loads of washing done and all the guest linen etc put away. HHHmmm maybe tomorrow I can get into that art room and sort thru some of the half finished projects on my desk!!
Annette In Oz

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Friendship Necklace

Last night I made a friendship necklace from one of the caste textured resin pieces I had previously done. I used the clear small one at top left.

I would have completed it last pm had I not made a big boo I'll share now in case others make the same error. I used Dimensional Magic to bond the Collections image to the resin in the oval....all went well and after it dried I put more Dimensional Magic at the back of the image. I then attached an etched brass piece to the back of the image. I put that aside to dry only to find my image had gone from sepia tones to bluish and yellow blobs...OMG.....
I unassembled the necklace to find the Dimensional Magic had reacted with the brass causing it to oxidize...groan. I had to scrub the image off the back of the resin, reattach another Collections image using more resin this time and leave it overnight to harden. Finally this morning I could reattach the etched brass back to finish this one. I love the textured resin front.

Hope whoever gets this likes it.
My Mum and Aunty had been here for 2 weeks and have gone home now...I miss them both already and loved their visit. We went to Kakadu, Litchfield and so on...I never get sick of going to the sites around here. Sunsets in NT are so gorgeous at this time of the year. Here is two from a harbour cruise 10 mins apart and another two from Mindil beach looking out to the harbour 10 mins apart. Enjoy.

Annette In Oz

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Silversmithing,WIP and Mail

I'm slowly getting back my Mo and Jo and just in time I think. Of course though now I tidied, decluttered and moved rooms with my stash I can't find a bloomin thing LOL. Silversmithing classes and a relo invasion from the East Coast have been keeping me on the non stop go but I have been getting in my new art space a little bit...slowly making a lovely untidy mess on my desk YEHA. In silversmithing I have now made a pair of textured sterling silver hoop ear-rings to match my cuff and ring....sorry my photos are crap though...must learn how to take better shots of shiny stuff!!. This Wednesday is my last class and I'll be making 2 twisted wire bracelets...I think LOL.

I also ordered a few things that have been arriving in the last week...some new stamps for etching from Jen C

and Kerin Gale's doing 2 of her on line classes...her work and book reminds me of Stephanie Lee's work and book Semi Precious Salvage. It was Stephanie Lee's book that got me making nesty jewellery and where I first read about etching metal.

In Kerin's book and her classes I'm learning how to make texture with epoxy clay, silicone moulds and resin....right up my ally *grin*. Of course I then needed some vintage finery to get some cool texture from. I have ordered 5 of these Ambrotype photos in ornate tooled leather cases. 2 have come and I adore these...the images are on glass, with clear glass on top and they have gorgeous embossed copper around them. They come in wonderful leather cases and are from the 1850's

Can't wait till the other three arrive. Last night I used some Pinkysil I got from Jen C's shop and made some moulds from the covers. I then tried some old Liquid Glass resin that had gone amber and some ice resin in the moulds. Today I'll try some polymer clay in the moulds....then who knows....

 The amber small resin at top right has small bubbles I forgot to burn off with my butane so when I use that one I'll just cut the oval out!

In amongst loosing a half day with shopping for Carlia's 21st birthday (on the 18th June) yesterday and mucking around with the moulds and resin I also got Carlia's 21st card made...she doesn't look in here so I am safe to share this today. The image is Carlia as a toddler.

Hope she likes it and her gifts. Time to hang the washing out and then I have the rest of the day to myself to get into my room and mess it all up so I can find stuff again :o)
Annette In Oz


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