Sunday, June 5, 2011

Friendship Necklace

Last night I made a friendship necklace from one of the caste textured resin pieces I had previously done. I used the clear small one at top left.

I would have completed it last pm had I not made a big boo I'll share now in case others make the same error. I used Dimensional Magic to bond the Collections image to the resin in the oval....all went well and after it dried I put more Dimensional Magic at the back of the image. I then attached an etched brass piece to the back of the image. I put that aside to dry only to find my image had gone from sepia tones to bluish and yellow blobs...OMG.....
I unassembled the necklace to find the Dimensional Magic had reacted with the brass causing it to oxidize...groan. I had to scrub the image off the back of the resin, reattach another Collections image using more resin this time and leave it overnight to harden. Finally this morning I could reattach the etched brass back to finish this one. I love the textured resin front.

Hope whoever gets this likes it.
My Mum and Aunty had been here for 2 weeks and have gone home now...I miss them both already and loved their visit. We went to Kakadu, Litchfield and so on...I never get sick of going to the sites around here. Sunsets in NT are so gorgeous at this time of the year. Here is two from a harbour cruise 10 mins apart and another two from Mindil beach looking out to the harbour 10 mins apart. Enjoy.

Annette In Oz


Lucy said...

Despite your Dimensional Magic problem, the piece is BEAUTIFUL!!! Whoever receives it will love it.
Love your pics, sunsets up your way are breathtaking!
hugs Lucy

Chris Arlington - Canada said...

HI Annette, No matter what obstacle this is a beautiful necklace. Have you tried Claudine Hellmuth's Studio matte medium? you can get it in a tiny size to try it.
Your photos are stunning too! We are just starting to get sunshine. A very cold, wet spring. I needed the sun I've been feeling really cranky and unmotivated.
Take care Hun,

stregata said...

Absolutely magical! This necklace is gorgeous.
Some glazes do react with metal - I know Diamond Glaze will make copper oxidze - it can be a great effect - if you want it...

BurningRubber said...

This piece is amaizing! I do wish I lived close by you so we could play and take road trips. I don't say it enough, but I realy enjoy your blog!

Jen Crossley said...

To say Im speechless is a understatement This necklace this Absolutely stunning.Annette How can I thank you for this amazing gift,I will treasure it always as I will our friendship.

lindacreates said...

This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your problem so we don't do the same thing. Did you make your own castes? If so what did you use?
They are beautiful.

Samantha Marshall said...

The necklace is stunning!!! The sunsets are beautiful.

Queen Of Toys said...

As always Annette stunning creative work and what amazing sunsets, definately have to come and see them one day.

Hugs Eliza


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