Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm a mushroom....alias the internet is mucking up WAH

Hi all
I have so wanted to get in here and say thank you to all who have stopped by and left a comment as well.I'm humbled about my Angelina purse comments and I thank you for letting me know you liked it and some were inspired by it.I'm quite isolated here and I now know I am heard and what I put out there is appreciated....thank you so much everyone.I did try to e-mail back those I could and even went to others blogs to say thanks but my internet stopped working a few days back after having a week of Internet drop outs gggrrr.The phone line is OK.Telstra(phone company) say the wireless modem has stopped connecting to the exchange but don't know when it will be fixed.I'm using my daughters Telstra pre pay wireless modem USB but sheesh its expensive to use so I cant post much till it is sorted out.Also regarding the leaving a comment post...I did that to remind ME to comment on others work LOL but I did love all your comments about that too.Patty I so loved that you let me know your elderly friend said "you don't knock on a door without saying hello"....that is what I think Jessica was trying to say as well.To others I haven't been able to reply too...I heard you knocking and I say hello from here till the net problem is fixed.....I'm a mushroom in dark up here at the moment *grin*
huge hugs
Annette In Oz

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What It Angelina Film and Opals Covered Purse

My revamped purse is done.Such a shame the camera isn't capturing how shimmery and luscious the Angelina Film on the purse is to look at :o).I added the sewn on top and bottom edges since my last post and some Kaiser stick on rhinestones.I painted the wood at the sides,top and bottom of the purse with Golden Micaceous Iron Oxide.I then brushed on gold Schmincke and sprayed it with a fixative before gluing on the Angelina Film parts

This is the view from top side
Grant reckons he would get a good price for it on Ebay LOL
Annette In to clean my gross oven...I'd rather Angelina Film it !

What Will It

I'm not totally sure what all these things will end up being made into but they are on my desk..well OK its a very messy desk at the moment.I'm going to try and revamp this old wooden clutch purse with some Angelina Film.I've sanded it to give the surface some "tooth" for me to apply stuff too.

Next I had a glorious few hours of inky fun and made all these yummy shimmery bits of Angelina Film pieces.I used craft Vilene(thin sturdy stiffening that I get at The Thread Studio..also were I buy Angelina Film) as the base and then ironed on some Vliesofix(fusible webbing that is used to attach two bits of material together)which is heat bondable on both sides.I peeled off the backing and then painted it with black gesso.When it was dry I ironed on some Angelina Film (I had no idea if applying gesso to the the Vilene/vliesofix would ruin its abilty to act as a "glue" when I ironed on the Angelina Film..but all was Ok) and then ironed on some Franklin clear Opals(from Pipe Dreamink).I then placed the pieces colour side down on a texture stamp and ironed it again leaving it on the stamp till it cools...the Opals melts and and sets again and the stamp imprint is left behind.These are all so gloriously pretty and shimmery,light,easy to sew and cut.They feel like leather to touch.

I then made a template out of card stock of the side of my wooden purse and cut some of my Angelina Film stamped pieces to fit the template.I don't have a very good sewing machine so I just attached the pieces to each other using a small zig zag stitch.I've settled for a green/purple colour on one side.The stamps I used are from After Midnight Art Stamps

and a gold/copper look for the other

Next I will paint the purse and then attach these pieces.I'll try to complete it later today and upload the end result...if there is an end result LOL
Annette In Oz

Monday, June 15, 2009

Leaving A Comment

I was just catching up on the net while the kids were at school and Grant was having a sleep in...he has the flu.Over at Jessica Wesolek's Cre8it blog she had done a post about leaving comments on blogs and in an amazing person as an artist and a voice for those of us like me who get a bit lost in the in the World.I'm already isolated by my location in the far hot tropical Northern Territory of Australia...sometimes my blog is my only voice and often I feel I am talking to just me.I'm going to strive to not stop "talking" (uploading to my blog my creative efforts)and to comment when I browse other people's blogs... if only to let them know they too are not alone and their creativity and giving is heard.Thank you Jessica.This is what Jessica wrote and very thought provoking I think

Giving Back . . .
Communication fascinates me and always has. I really think it makes the world go around. So, it has always interested me that only 1 or 2 percent of readers ever leave Comments on a blog post, or have anything to say in a Yahoo Group.
It interested me enough that I have been asking friends why that is. Yes, I have a lot of lurker friends to ask. The answers were really interesting because they went something like this: I’m shy, nothing I say would be interesting to anybody, I’m probably the only one who hasn’t already thought of this, I’m too busy.
Do you pick up a them there? Pretty one-sided, right? But what if leaving comments wasn’t all about you?
I have an interesting lesson to share. I used to have a very hard time accepting compliments, and like many of us do, I would pretty much throw the compliment back in the complimentor’s face, thinking I was practicing modesty instead of insult. They would say “you’re so good” and I would say “no I’m not”. Those are paraphrases, but you know what I mean. “What a pretty dress!” “Oh, this old thing?”
So one day, my brother asked me if I realized that I was insulting the other person. Whether I realized the complimenting process wasn’t only about me, but rather, a social interaction. What? Something that’s not only about me? How could that be?
But he was right. By arguing with a compliment, I was telling the other person they were wrong, and maybe their opinion didn’t matter much to me.
That was a big lesson, and ever after, I just say “Thank you”
There are lots of things that aren’t just about us, and the amazing plethora of treasure that is internet content is one - a gift that didn’t just get stuck in your computer with the hard drive. It is created and given by hardworking and generous-to-a-fault people just like you (blogs, Yahoo Groups, online zines, tutorials, product reviews, etc. - all free).
If someone brought all this in a box to your door, would you say “Thank you”? Of course you would. If someone at a party told you an amazing thing you never heard of before, or told you about a wonderful new store or book, or restaurant, would you stand there and stare at them silently like you didn’t hear them? Of course you wouldn’t.
Well, the web is not different than the world we live in anymore. It is a social place, and we must all take some social responsibility. I get a kick out of articles that talk about “Netiquette” and Web Etiquette. They mention not flaming somebody into ash, and not TYPING IN ALL CAPS because it means you are yelling.
But they don’t say: speak up and add your voice and your energy to this fantastic exchange so it can keep on rolling and become even better. So the folks who are giving all this don’t run out of gas and stall altogether. They should say that.
And just in case you are thinking this is all about me (LOL), I think we do better here than most with Comments (especially when something free is being given away ;-), and I get so much gratitude in emails that it gives me lots of practice on my compliment Thank You’s! But it breaks my heart to see really good Yahoo Groups fade away because only three people are willing to keep talking, or wonderful blogs go away because the author feels she is hearing the sound of one hand clapping or worse, talking to herself in public.
I know lots of bloggers will say they are doing it “for themselves” and it doesn’t matter if anybody responds with a Comment, but a part of that is just bravado. If they were only doing it for themselves, they would do it in a closet - not on the internet.
So let these wonderful folks know you visited, and if you liked their tutorial, or if their technique gave you a valuable answer you’ve been searching for. Or just say “thanks for all you do,” like many of my wonderful readers do. It’s little but it goes a long way.
Give back - and it will only get better for everyone.

All too true and I am guilty of it too.The web is huge and can be seen as just an electronic medium but it all comes from caring interesting people and maybe we all should be telling each other what good work they do...for me that may be only weekly when I have time to check my fav blogs but a week late or not I know it will be appreciated!!
Annette In Oz

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Magic Happens

I had another load of ironing to do today so again I made a card afterward LOL.On this one I fused snippets of Angelina Film to a copperish piece of Angelina film using an iron.I then put it thru a Cuttlebug using the swirl embossing plate.I glued this to black card and stuck Gold tape to the edges.It was then layered onto blue,then purple and lastly green card stock.The wing is a piece of tumbled frosted Midnight art glass from After Midnight Art Stamps that just happened to be in a wing like shape.I applied three layers of Aurora Opals embossing enamel to the glass using a heat gun.On the last layer I layed down some purplish Angelina Film into that and quickly pressed on a floral After Midnight Art stamp to make a faux carnival glass look.I used this to give the gorgeous vintage child image I had applied to the bg, a magical wing.

this is closer to the wing

Its such a pity the shimmer isn't captured in this as the colours glow and change in the light....just like magic :o)
Annette In Oz

Angelina Film Play

There are some lovely iridescent films on the market and I love the Angelina and Fantasy Films.They change colour with heat and can be used with stamps,to trap layers using glitters,fibres,faux opal flakes,and so much more.As a Mum to three kids I am often ironing so I incorporate this with my crafting of course :o).Today after the ironing was done I made these two cards.The first one has a Vintage image that has been printed onto bleached calico with an inkjet printer.The calico was treated with Inkjetset first to stop the colours bleeding and make it waterproof.I get it from The Thread Studio.At the edges I ironed on some scraps of Angelina Film(also from the Thread Studio) and then ran just the edges thru my Cuttlebug to emboss them with the swirly part.The image has some mica on top held in place with a brad and a Romance metal word at the bottom tinted with Ranger alcohol inks

This second one has more Angelina film ironed onto black card stock using Opals Franklin embossing enamel as the glue(Opals paper).I then ran the whole thing thru the Cuttlebug using a swirl embossing folder.In the centre there is a Franklin Opals transfer of a vintage image.The wire words and the metal corner trims are tinted with Ranger Alcohol Inks.The holey part under the image was done when I had set the iron too high and ironed some Angelina Film between baking parchment and had not was too hot and made it melt into honeycomb style holes....I liked it LOL so used it here.

AAHHH no Eggplant colour here LOL
Annette In Oz

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Umbrawarra Gorge

Umbrawarra Gorge is a lovely spot a few hours drive from us and 2-3km past Pine Creek South bound on the Stuart Highway.I haven't been there for ten years and had forgot how beautiful it was.You can walk for as far as you want up the red sandstone lined Gorge passing thru rocky sections and then leafy framed water holes.Whenever you get hot its in you jump for a swim.This is the view looking forward thru the Gorge and is about 15 minutes walk up into the Gorge.

and looking back from where we had walked
Some of the rocks in the Gorge creek bed are huge.This one must have made a huge noise when it fell off the side of the Gorge.Tim climbed on to show size comparison.Tim is 13 and taller then me.

What can I say...small things amuse small minds LOL.I was fascinated as we stopped for a swim to see Eucalyptus leaves being blown across the water carrying water droplets.The leaves are waxy and float on the water.When people go swimming splashes of water land on them and ball up.I spent half an hour chasing these all over the place trying to get shots that were not blurred from me and them moving.I must look up where I can change the setting on my camera to sports shots :o)

After three hours of walking,stopping,swimming,chasing butterflies(there were hundreds in one spot but they kept moving too quick for me to take a photo of them) and having fun we started to go back.Tim walked over this rock and looked down to realize it had a right facing side profile of a face image worn into it by erosion.

These next two photos are of two reptiles at Grant's place of work (The Territory Wildlife Park) at Berry Springs.The first is a Macleay's Water Snake(Enhydris).See how he looks luminous in spots as the light shines on his scales.Reminds me of the iridescent film in my stash

and lastly is the beast at his work.This is a King Brown snake and he is 8foot 6"...he is a cranky bugger and I worry every time Grant has to go and get him out for the Vet or clean the cage.Even in this head shot he looks grumpy to me!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Daughters...for Mum and Sisters

Oh wow you know Tim from his antics and leaving his evidence in my camera but my Mum and my two sisters have asked for some photos of my gorgeous girls.I know we all think our kids are gorgeous LOL but mine have good caring hearts and I love them for all they are and hence they are gorgeous to me.Here is Melissa...she doesn't like following the "norm" but her look contradicts the shy sweet soul she is.She is happy and very thoughtful to others.HHHmmm note the necklace....well the crown in particular...that was in my stash a few days ago as was the ribbon necklace!!!.I really need a studio!!

here is Carlia(18) on the left and Melissa(17).I haven't got a single photo of Carlia to share at the moment as Carlia is "tribal" LOL...she likes to be with others and is quite the extrovert.Both have amazing eyes.

girls pouting *grin*

This is Carlia with her boyfriend Cory.

Today we did a day trip to Umbrawarra Gorge and Douglas Hot Springs...I have sore legs and I am sssooo tired.Off to bed for me :o).I think I have some photos from there to upload tomorrow or the next and then I am going to sooo play with some more metal and art.
Annette In Oz

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Faux Carnival Glass necklace

Bloomin heck....I picked up the card to finish from a few days ago when I remembered I needed to make some Aubergine things for a group submission to Somerset Studio for Artyoz yahoo this is the Royal purple/blue an Eggplant colour.Didn't I just do a heap of Raisin and EGGPLANT cards LOL?.The card I am meant to be making is lemon coloured and a far cry from Eggplant.Okies I put it aside and now I have Eggplant coloured fingers LOL.Part of what we are making are small tiles that are 3.5cm square by Collections.
While I perfected my interpretation of the colour I tried all sorts of things and in the process I have ended up with 19 tiles...oh and the purple stained fingers LOL.I chose two tiles and have completed my tiles to send(you can't see them LOL)and 16 I will put in the Collections tile frame and upload later in the week for you.One of the tiles was made using Zeborah Loray's Faux Carnival glass tech using Opals embossing Enamel and Angelina Film and a stamp by Studio Astarte.It fits perfectly into a memory glass frame so I used it to make another necklace.

Both my daughters want this one LOL.Oh my I think I am on a jewellery and Eggplant roll...shame I have my 8 busy days at work coming up as I've had way to much fun these last few days creating...more Eggplant tomorrow till I get the rest of the submission for somerset Studio done :o)Oh and in case anyone was wondering this photo is UNALTERED and what you see is what I was seeing.It was taken at night with a daylight lamp
Annette In Oz

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Australia Sweet Home" Etched Broach/pin

Today I used my new found skills and made a Vintage style broach or pin.I used an old Australia printed filigree decorated part at the the top that I had got in a 2nd hand shop...I think it may have had a medal at the bottom in its hey day.Next I added the "sweet" word to a glass like charm using some silver wire to then attach it to the top and bottom

The bottom part is some etched nickel/silver done using a stamp and etching solution(as taught to me by Jen Crossley...hey Jen is it looking OK??).I then sanded it back so the words stood out more.Then I DRILLED holes LOL to use wire to attach the old pen nib and the top part.Lastly I added an typewriter font printed "home" word.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Faux Dichro Silver Pendants

What fun these were.I used some left over bits of iridescent film onto the pendant bevels and then filled them with Franklin Opals.Then I lightly sanded them.Here they are together.

and closer

the rectangle one closer
and the heart closer...gee they shimmer and change colour in the light.

Tonight I am putting my new Jen Crossley skills to the test and I will make a vintage inspired broach.Grant got me a huge bag of old chandelier glass bits months ago and another friend of Grant's let me buy a small bag of broken old jewellery parts for a $1 from his Mum's 2nd hand shop last year.I knew I wanted to make "things" with them but till I did the etched metal class with Jen I had no idea what.I don't think my drilling and soldering will improve if I don't keep trying so..try I will :o)
Annette In Oz

Monday, June 1, 2009

"Raisin and Eggplant" Cards...the last two yeha

AAhhh at last I had time to finish the last two raisin and eggplant coloured cards.Here is the first one.Like the others there is stained papers machine sewn onto Vilene and over stamped with white gesso to make the bg.The laser printed vintage image transfer was done using Translucent liquid Sculpey.The image was transferred onto organza.The "memories "word at top was a metal stained with Alcohol inks

this is closer to the vintage dragonfly was under the top part that I used in the Opals book tin I made earlier this month

and the scroll and bling at the bottom

This is the last one.It has some stained lace at the left,Prima flower,metal "spirit" charm and lots of those purple Kaiser bling thingos

and from the bottom up

Tomorrow I want to make some iridescent film silver necklaces and maybe do a REALLY bright card to get me away from raisin and eggplant colour LOL
Annette In Oz


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