Sunday, June 14, 2009

Magic Happens

I had another load of ironing to do today so again I made a card afterward LOL.On this one I fused snippets of Angelina Film to a copperish piece of Angelina film using an iron.I then put it thru a Cuttlebug using the swirl embossing plate.I glued this to black card and stuck Gold tape to the edges.It was then layered onto blue,then purple and lastly green card stock.The wing is a piece of tumbled frosted Midnight art glass from After Midnight Art Stamps that just happened to be in a wing like shape.I applied three layers of Aurora Opals embossing enamel to the glass using a heat gun.On the last layer I layed down some purplish Angelina Film into that and quickly pressed on a floral After Midnight Art stamp to make a faux carnival glass look.I used this to give the gorgeous vintage child image I had applied to the bg, a magical wing.

this is closer to the wing

Its such a pity the shimmer isn't captured in this as the colours glow and change in the light....just like magic :o)
Annette In Oz


marts061 said...

This is absolutely beautiful! I couldn't make my mind up to which colours of film to buy so i bought them all. They haven't arrived yet but after seeing your card I can't wait to play with them when they come. Please make some more cards!


Thanks :o)
its such pretty pretty stuff...I love all the colours and they colour changes varies each time you use it.I really like using snippets on the copper but I think my fav colour is the goes blue green and the pink goes red green like on the wing.

Barb said...

What a beautiful way to make the dire task of ironing more interesting and exciting!...I am about to embark on THAT task ..perhaps i will drag out some Angelina and give it a run!...LOL


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