Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Angel,Hope and Grace

When I was small I believed in Fairies.They lived in my garden and were responsible for the holes in the spider webs as I imagined they took them to make shimmery throws over their gowns.The fallen feathers of birds adorned their head and Flowers made up their gowns.Mum was forever loosing her ear-rings and complaining she only had one left and I just knew the Fairies found them and used them for treasures to adorn their homes.When I was older I made up fantasy garden stories with the Fairies of my youth as the leading characters, for my children.
When I made the Vintage child Opals transfers using my alternative method a few months back they reminded of those Fairies.So here are the transfers made into a tea light candle votive.On the sides I have strung trinkets,old photos and Vintage bits and pieces.Amongst these lie some of my left over ear-rings where I too have lost one.So come meet Angel,Hope and Grace

In the next photos I have shone a light thru them so you can see how they glow with the candle lit inside.

These last photos are the views of the trinkets from the sides

So there is my last art for 2008 and as it is now 11.45pm and the New Year is less then 15mins away I am off to charge my glass with pink champagne

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Last Rays Of Christmas-Madonna and Child

The last days of 2008 are upon us.On Christmas day in the quiet of the evening,I drew the simple Madonna and Child ink drawing below.I have copied and printed it 40 times onto 300gms smooth water colour paper so I can colour them over the year to hopefully have them all done by late November, to send out for my Christmas cards for 2009 for my family.

Today as the last rays of Christmas shine from the tree and our hearts and the year draws to end, I made a start and used my new Caran D'Ache Neocolor ll watercolour crayons to colour the first one.These are much more creamier then my Crayola Portfolio series ones.The colour is intense when you add water to blend them in.Wet on wet seems to make the blending easier for me.I smudged a few bits but they can be easily fixed with further layers of colour.I'm sure by the time I get to the 40th one my use of these new crayons will be perfected allot more so forgive my first clumsy attempts.

HHHmmm my love of turquoise,purple and green is showing again!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Fusible Film Fun

AAAggghhhh I was supposed to be finishing a project I started in October/November today and got side tracked again when I went to move the Cuttlebug.For ages I wanted to try to run my Fiskars rubbing plates thru the Cuttlebug and stopped to give it a go.It worked a treat on black card so then I wondered how it would look all shimmery.Over at After Midnight Art Stamps Yahoo group some of the other folks have taken my ironing Opals embossing enamels to make Opals paper to arty depths.Jeni Calkins started making Fantasy Film stained glass looking Opals papers...the same way I did for my butterfly dancer wings that I posted in Oct 2007 except she uses small left over pieces not one piece
My Fantasy Film stash is nearly zilch at the moment but I had a heap of Angelina Fusible Iridescent Film that I got from The Thread Studio so I used that.I covered black card stock with Stewart Superior Black Palette stamp and stick glue pad.Heat activated the adhesive with the heat gun,tore the fusible film into bits and lay them onto the sticky surface.Then I ironed it to fuse it to the card stock,sprinkled on the Opals Franklin and ironed it again.After that I hit it with the heat gun to make it shiny.When it was cool I ran it thru the Cuttlebug using a Fiskars swirly rubbing plate.Oh La La it looked so gorgeous.
I decided to make it into a card.The Vintage image I used was an inkjet water transfer onto satin that had been treated with Inkjet set first...also from The Thread Studio.Of course I could have just printed the image straight onto the fabric treated with the Inkjet set but it was an image I had printed on cheap gloss card ages ago and my printer is out of ink at the moment.I stuck the image down with gel medium and then highlighted it with my NEW Caran D'Ache watersoluble Neocolor ll crayons in green and blue.Kaiser self adhesive pearls were stuck around her head and gold foil tape to the edges.Lastly I added my current fav quote "it starts when you sink into his arms and ends with your arms in his sink".

The hand made beads at the bottom are made with clear shrink plastic coloured with Shiva paint sticks and rolled into beads using the My Stamps Tweesta tool.I wish I could take a better photo of this as it is really shimmery and the colours change at different angles under the light.It reflects too much using the flash and it is night time now so these are taken with no flash under house lighting.I'll try to take one in daylight tomorrow and see how that looks.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get to the other project LOL

Thursday, December 25, 2008

HoHoHo...I'm So Excited

Merry Christmas.How excited am I with this awesome Christmas present from Grant.He saw me looking at these last month and knew I would not spend allot of money on myself to get them.I only bought six individual colours then.Anyway he bookmarked the site and got them for me for Christmas.I don't know how to use them yet and other then look at the gorgeous spread of colours I'm a bit nervous to try.I was the same about my Golden paints and now I use them all the time.Maybe I can use them on my new drawing...

We have had a lovely Christmas day together here(though HOT and humid) and I hope all you out in blog land have as well.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas One and All

Oh wow.It's three weeks since I have been on line.I had to get away from the computer and make 90 odd handmade Christmas cards.I made them all using five fairly simple Christmas themed cards I made at camp so I had the prototypes done.Every spare second I had I worked on them.I got them all in the post over the last week...PHEW.I have even had time today between the Christmas cooking(for cold meats for tomorrow)to draw a simple drawing that I may use as next years Christmas cards.

The first one is a textured cuttlebug card using and After Midnight Art Stamps image and coloured with Polished Pigments

Next was an Opals paper bg that I ran thru the Cuttlebug in several different directions,an inkjet water transfer of a vintage Angel image,stamped Christmas words on tissue and printed a Christmas quote.
Cuttlebug bg done on gold paper,vintage Santa printed on bleached calico treated with Inkjet Set solution and some Vintage trim behind the image.I added some Dymo Label Christmas words at the top and the bottom after I took this photo to finish it off

Cuttlebug embossed Holly on white card,painted with Twinkling H2O's,random stamping around the edge of the central image using Adirondack Butterscotch ink.Base card sanded to distress it

Lastly is a huge card made using another After Midnight Art Stamps image.Love this reindeer image.I coloured it with Twinkling H2O's and sanded the base card again

As it is Christmas eve here in Oz I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas for 2008 and hope 2009 brings you all Creativity,love and laughter
Annette In Oz xxxx

Friday, December 5, 2008

UUUMMM I am Suppossed To Be Making Christmas cards

But I got side tracked when I was looking in my pre made backgrounds draw and ended up making six collage cards using the nappy liner rubbings I had made earlier in the year.It does not show well in my photos but the background has a textural effect from the nappy liner rubbings.I then added stamped areas using pearlescent white paint by Plaid.Over the stamped parts I rubbed on Shiva iridescent colours similar to the background colours.
I also used the negative left over from cutting a piece of card stock with the Cuttlebug floral scroll die cut and pressed some texture paste thru that onto an the edge on the bg (ala Kelsey).Once dry this was then dry brushed over with Jo Sonja pale gold paint and then gold foil ironed onto parts.The vintage images are printed onto Lazertran water slide decal paper,trimmed to size and then the backing is soaked off and they are stuck where needed

The quote on the ones below was used by a friend Rhonda in her page in the recent Collab book swap post from last month...I love it.Original source unknown

here is view from bottom so you can see the texture

In this one you can see the rubbings better as it was ironed onto the gloss coloured bg part using Vliesofix and stuck better then the ones above

On the next few I also added coloured gauze and bits of text printed scrap papers
Oh my I now HAVE to get back to making Chrissy cards and then I shall play with some things from Pipedream ink and The Thread Studio!!!


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