Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nappy Liner Rubbings

Today I spent most of my time making nappy liner rubbing backgrounds.This was also something I had learnt from Dale Rollerson at the Art retreat I mentioned in my first post.It's easy and fun.Sometimes it works better then others so is unpredictable. Firstly I made some drawing ink and water backgrounds by spritzing a sheet of clear overhead transparency with water.Then randomly drop drips of two colours of drawing ink on top.They spread out and burst into colour. Lay some cheap gloss card gloss side down into the wet mix and lift it back up. Place on news paper to dry. It will bend at the edges but straightens out smooth again once it dries. I use Shiva paint sticks and cheap nappy liners.With some of the liners I painted them with Lumiere's(shimmery metallic fabric paints) first. Select a surface to rub over. I used some plastic rubbing plates I got from The Thread Studio .Rub several colours of paint stick on top of the liner held in place on the rubbing surface till you are happy with the look and the liner is covered. Once done I place the rubbing coloured side up onto the card stock I made earlier. I put this between two sheets of Galdbake and ironed over the surface using a very hot dry iron setting.The nappy liner burns off and the paint stick part sticks to the surface. It works better on a matt surface as the gloss was a bit too slick. To overcome this I then added some Vliesofix between the liner rubbing and the gloss card and ironed and that looked good too.

and some more

Another thing I tried was painting the nappy liner with Lumiere's.When dry I tore them into bits and ironed them onto the back ground using Vliesofix bits between the painted liner and the back ground.I then placed other bits of Vliesofix down and put foil on top coloured side up and ironed that.On other drawing ink bits I just placed some Vliesofix down and then the foil and ironed that.It makes nice back grounds but is very hard to photograph as it's so shimmery.


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