Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Rocks In My Head and On My Desk!!!

We have now settled back into life in the Northern Territory. We have rented a unit not far from my daughters place. My art area took shape very slowly as I have left the majority of my creative stash back in Julatten. For the first time EVER though I have a spacious room here and have two desks....the computer and printer are on one and my arty farty treasures and place to get creative is the other desk.

This photo panorama shot was taken when I first set the room up. There is also a large built in cupboard in this room that stores my paints, canvases, Cuttlebug and Sca N Cut. Looks so lovely and neat hey?

Not long after I had it all so pristine looking I decided I needed to do some craft to get my creativity flowing again. My daughter Carlia told me to join NT Rocks Facebook paint or decorate rocks and then do a "rock drop" and hide them for others to find. I believe its being done in other states and countries too. It's getting kids and mums and dads out in parks looking for the hand painted rocks which is awesome. So I decided to paint A rock...yes ONE rock and see how I went. Within a week of starting said rock painting my desk looked like this LOL

I really enjoyed painting that ONE rock but it triggered an arty tsunami....ideas popped into my head for other I painted another....and another and....yeh well I haven't stopped! My first ONE rock soon became nine haha 

I'm loving be creative again even if it is just on rocks at the moment. All nine rocks have been dropped....8 in Darwin and one in Adelaide. I hope whoever finds them loves them :)

WE are also loving being near our gorgeous grand kids....this is grandson Chase who is 5 months old now

And this is mu gorgeous granddaughter Ivy who is 3

Oh in case its winter were you are...some fantastic sunsets from Cullen Bay NT


Off to paint some more rocks....


Annette In Oz 


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