Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sterling Silver Textured Cuff

It took 2 lessons to get my next sterling silver jewellery project made. I had wanted to do a textured looking cuff like my ring and a pod with pearls on top but it would have been a bit beyond my scope yet so I went for a slightly raised cup on the cuff instead. The tricky part was setting it up for the soldering but with my tutors help I got it all together. Sterling silver is hard to photograph so forgive the shody shots but here is my cuff....

The cuff is 15cm long and 3cm wide so its nice and heavy. I'm really enjoying playing with and learning about sterling silver. Of course it all can be applied to my junk jewellery making. The lady teaching us will be doing a class casting with the lost wax technique later in the year and I can't wait to learn that too!
Annette In Oz

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hi Ho Hi Ho A Silversmithing Annette Goes

I've just started a 6 week silver smithing course right here in Darwin!!!. My first class was tonight and I had a ball.Our first thing was to make a sterling silver ring by measuring and using a jewellers saw to cut a strip. Next we soldered it, hammered a pattern and then polished it. I was amazed at how it all came together. I didn't break any saw blades but still manged to drop and tip over stuff left right and centre....all in the name of art I say *grin*. Who knew you can use cheap house hold items as a flux and pickle solutions!!!
Here is my first sterling silver ring. Not perfect but it fits and I love it.

I think there will be more sterling silver creations to come now and another door opens in my creative life :o).
                                                                   Annette In Oz


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