Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hi Ho Hi Ho A Silversmithing Annette Goes

I've just started a 6 week silver smithing course right here in Darwin!!!. My first class was tonight and I had a ball.Our first thing was to make a sterling silver ring by measuring and using a jewellers saw to cut a strip. Next we soldered it, hammered a pattern and then polished it. I was amazed at how it all came together. I didn't break any saw blades but still manged to drop and tip over stuff left right and centre....all in the name of art I say *grin*. Who knew you can use cheap house hold items as a flux and pickle solutions!!!
Here is my first sterling silver ring. Not perfect but it fits and I love it.

I think there will be more sterling silver creations to come now and another door opens in my creative life :o).
                                                                   Annette In Oz


Carol said...

What a fabulous opportunity. Looking forward to seeing all your creations!

France said...

Oh my Annette! That is one gorgeous ring. I looove silver jewellery, and I'm sure whoever this ring is for will wear it proudly! You talented woman!
I know it's really late, but my excuse is that I have no idea where the year went, but I wanted to thiank you for the lovely Christmas card you sent my way, it's the only card I got this year outside the family. So it was particularly touching. Thank you so much for having thought of me, I was, and still am, a big fan of your art (and talent!)
I'm hoping to read blogs a bit more often from now on. But life always gets in the way of some things.
I'll say goodbye for now, before this turns into a novella!

Chris A. said...

OH I love the texture of the ring. I know you will make wonderful creations to come also.


Thanks Carol, France and Chris!Next week we get to make something of our own choice...I think I may try to do a silver bracelet/cuff.I love making anything but wearble art is fabo :o)
Annette In Oz

Glenda said...

Well done Annette, lucky you having a class in your area.

LuvLoz said...

That's a lovely ring, Annette. I'm suprised you managed to complete it in one class. When I took metal work at school it took us a whole term to make 3 rings! :) Can't want to see what else you create.

Jen Crossley said...

Love your ring Annette hope your enjoying the class


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