Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Arty Space

I've just finished sorting thru my zillion beads and had a huge bag of beads to donate afterwards. 1/2 way thru the last task of sorting thru ribbons and fabric and then my nice clean clear desk is in for some serious arty play!. Okies here are some pictures of the area I have now. There is my desk.I have draws under it and to the side. The side draws are on rollers so if I want to work on metal I just roll it to the other side and if I want to do paper crafts roll them the other way. The one under the desk has my acrylic paints and painting mediums. Still two empty draws here and I thew out four draws. I have a daylight lamp at each end as the lighting is crap in the room.

To the left is stackable containers with draws containing embellishments, vintage images and paper crafts stuff.I decreased my stash here by 6 containers. There are three draws still empty.

To the right are books, magazines and cabinets for metal work, soldering, ice resin stuff, etching stuff, Opals embossing enamels, Cuttlebug and accessories, glues, tapes, paints and mediums. On top of the book shelf  that I have cut off ggrrr is my pyramid of life piece, my rusty clock and some gorgeous art work that my friend Robin in USA gave me.

There is a large cupboard to the right too for stamps.Ill slowly swap them from folders to loop and tape and then put them in DVD cases for easier storage. My beads and metal embellishments are in here too and my stamp making machine, solvents, fabric inks, sewing machine etc.

Here are some of the doors open on the cupboards below the book shelf.

I'll get Grant to permanently attach my dremel to the desk and have two cork boards still to hang but I'm pretty happy with it all. There is a single bed in the room too which I shall change to a sofa bed lounge later in the year.
Annette In Oz


Lucy said...

Art room looks FABULOUS Annette!
I can see that more art & jewellery will be created in such an organized space!
Hugs Lucy

Carol said...

What a fabulous space, and more so because it is set up for you and what you love to do! Happy to hear you'll soon be creating again!

Chris A. said...

Wow Annette! This is awesome. You are going to have so much fun with your new "art studio". Great pics. thanks for sharing.

Night Owl Designs said...

Annette, your studio looks amazing! Thanks for sharing the photos :-)

Glenda said...

Thanks for sharing Annette, room looks very organised.

Queen Of Toys said...

Fab room Annette, looks like you are all organized now and some great art is about to be produced in your new space.

Hugs Eliza


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