Sunday, March 31, 2013

Magic Card How Too-Video

At last I've been able to upload the videos of how to make a magic card. I did the how too over three videos as I thought that would be easier to upload. Here is the first one..

and the second....

and the last part

Hope they load OK. Oh if you notice I start using a different coloured dress on the stamped image its because I was making three of these at once and just picked up a different one to what I started with....the steps are the same though. Writen instructions are here
Annette In Oz

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hi all
I decided to join in on the "What's On Your Workbench Wednesday" where artist/crafters from all over the World share what is on their work bench each Wednesday. As I work every Wednesday evening and am not home till 11.30pm  my sharing will be later then others. I did check pre work but the link post wasn't up yet.. It all started from here at Julia's blog. Anyway my desk is a large table and on one end I create paper craft/mixed media items and on the other end I make hand made jewellery. So first shot is the paper craft end complete with some new Tim H stuff that came in the post yesterday!!

And other side at right is my jewellery making side

On the paper crafting side I have three Magic Cards. On Tuesday I share an old paper crafting tip or technique and that post was Magic Cards this week...the how too for them is here.As you pull them out the colour appears like magic.

There is also a GORGEOUS hand painted ATC that I recieved from Lauren

2 other awesome ATC's from another friend Glenda

A water and drawing ink bg with a gorgeous stamped image awaiting a card transformation.

A mixed media background waiting to be made into a card tomorrow

 A completed mixed media card made for my sisters birthday that I have to send tomorrow. Closer images here

Then over at the jewellery making end I have these amazing Prima Junkyard light bulbs that are screaming at me to make them into necklaces!!

Some of my hand etched items waiting to be made into cuffs and necklaces

I'm into "puffing" metal of late as well as I like steam punk so this is a partly finished steam punk puffed eye ball and a puffy heart awaiting a steam punkery treatment.

Some Ice Resin filled bezels

A polymer clay doll that needs painting!!!

A closer look at my etched puffy heart and a completed etched bird house necklace. The other day I had tried to make an etched copper ring and just couldn't do it so tried making a bird house as the bends etc were larger and I could solder that Ok...I'll retry the ring soon.

There you go that is what is on my messy work bench this Wednesday :o)
Annette In Oz

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Magic Card How Too / Tipnique Tuesday

I first saw this in one of my children's books over 15 yrs ago and ended up dismantling the book so I could see how it was done :o). I'm not sure what the actual card or technique is called but I used to call it a magic card. This card looks pretty plain from the front but as you pull it out from it's pocket the colour is revealed like magic!

  • 30cm square piece of card stock (or 12 in square)
  • A 10x15cm piece of scrap white card stock plus a small scrap piece of white card stock
  • Stamp of choice
  • Pencils or colour medium of choice
  • A piece of acetate about 12x17cm in size
  • Stazon black ink or other ink suitable for non porous surfaces
  • Small and large circle punches
  • Hole punch such as Japanese screw punch with small bit for eyelets and brads
  • One eyelet and eyelet setting tool of choice
  • 2 brads
  • Pencil, rubber, ruler, craft mat, craft knife, bone folder and glue
1) Start with the 30cm square card stock. Fold it in half and run bone folder along the folded edge.

2) Open card stock and have it so the fold is running left to right. On top and bottom edge measure and mark a dot at the 10cm and 20cm mark. Use bone folder and score along these marks from top to bottom

3) Cut away the lower left and right side with your ruler and craft knife to make a large "T"shape

4) Trim the lower remaining panel at the sides a few mm and about 1cm off the bottom.

5) In middle top panel make a 2cm wide frame so it looks like the image below.

6) Use small hole punch and punch a half circle at the top of the frame. Repeat on other top panels if you like

If you fold the bottom up and then the two side panels in it makes a pocket and will look like this

7) On the 10x15cm white card trim a few mm of each long side. Place it in the pocket to check it will slide in freely. Trim further if the fit is too tight.

8) Trim a further few mm off the long sides but leave a little wedge at bottom to make an upside down "T

9) Stamp image of choice on the upside down "T" and also onto the acetate. Put acetate aside till dry. While waiting for it to dry colour your image as  desired on the upside down "T"

10) Place the acetate back on top and completely align the two images. Be very careful, hold the aligned pieces firmly and use a ruler and your knife to trim the acetate to the same size as the upside down "T"

11) Use paper clips to keep the acetate over the image in correct alignment. You are not seeing things....the image colour has changed in the next photo as I was making three of these at once and picked up the girl in black instead of the the one in purple but the step is just the same for both :o)

12) Punch a larger circle from scrap card. Fold the circle in half and place it mid way across both the acetate and the card. Hold it firmly and punch a hole thru all layers. Set an eyelet in the hole

View from back

 13) Fold the bottom panel of the large T up.

Slip the upside down "T" and acetate over the top of the folded up central piece so acetate is at front toward the frame and coloured image behind

14) Fold in that panel. Fold left side in and apply glue to the back and  fold right panel in on top of glued area.

 15) Punch a small hole at top left and right and insert bards. The upside down "T" part will catch on these and stop the slide panel falling out.

There you have it your very own magic card :o)

These are awesome cards and really simple to make. I did do a video and shall try to add it later in the day :o)
Annette In Oz xxxx

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mixed media card-purple blue

I'm still loving creating mixed media cards that have been inspired by classes with Finnabair that I did last year and this year. I wanted to make a card for a friend and this is what it ended up looking like.

It has LOADS of glued on embellishments. The colour is more purple then blue and VERY shimmery as I used Luminarte Primary Elements Polished pigments. The amazing thing is when this card arrived at Glenda's house she sent me a thankyou message and told me she used to do ballet and her favorite colour is purple!!! How serendipitous was that LOL
Annette In Oz xxx


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