Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shaker Card How Too / Tipnique Tuesday

It's Tipnique Tuesday wahoo. I'm really enjoying going back to my paper crafting roots and sharing some old techniques and tips. When I do these I'll keep the end result fairly simple so new folks to paper arts are able to achieve similar results. Of course if you are already an advanced paper crafter go ahead and use mixed media materials :o). This week I'll share how to make Shaker cards. These have an area that has acetate put behind them and then items placed in the small built up area behind it so the items can move as the card is titled...hence why they are called shaker cards.

  • A4 sheet of card stock
  • Rubber stamp of choice or images of choice
  • Ink pad-I used Stazon on black
  • Colouring medium of choice-I used Luminarte Twinkling H2O's and an aquash brush (water fillable brush).
  • Sharp craft knife (I use a scalpel blade attached to a scalpel handle available at art shops and Chemists...its the sharpest craft knife ever). pencil, ruler, rubber, craft mat and bone folder.
  • Grey or black art pen
  • Small sheet clear acetate
  • Double sided tape and double sided foam tape
  • Glitter, tiny beads, sand etc to place in window
  • Spare scrap of contrasting card or patterned paper
                        HOW TOO
1) Choose stamp or images to use. Ones that have an area that can be removed are good such these. The mirror oval or inner frame of either would be great to use.

Or the sky, sand area or even the light house on the one on the left and any of the glass bodies on the right image.

2) Work out how big the panels will need to be. You are going to divide the A4 card into thirds so if its a large image you may want to use larger card stock. I decided to use an Easter stamp and added 1cm on either side of it to get my dimensions of 9.7cm wide by 12cm tall

3) Measure and mark 9.7cm three times across the top and bottom of the card stock and make the card 12cm high. Cut this area from your A4 card stock.

4) Score the 9.7cm lines.

 5) Stamp image in CENTRE panel.

6) Fold right side under then left side and score folds

7) Fold card flat again image side up. Colour card as desired and stamp or use rub ons to add a sentiment if desired.

8) Use a sharp craft knife and remove the area where you want the shaker part to be. Run a grey or black marker along inner cut edges to make the cut areas less visible.

9) Turn card over and place double sided tape around cut panel. If you have a bent area as I did use smaller pieces of tape to achieve the bend.

10) Remove backing from the tape and attach acetate. I have run a pen around mine so you can see it LOL.

11) Place double sided foam tape (it's raised up a few mm) around cut panel and on top of the acetate. Be sure to butt the tape up close to each piece so there are no gaps for the shaker bits to fall out.

12) Adhere contrasting card to the left side as shown.

13) Place glitter, tiny beads, fine sand or whatever you wish to use on the acetate.

14) Be VERY careful and remove the backing tape from the foam tape. You don't want the card to move while doing this or you will get glitter on the exposed adhesive and the card wont seal properly. Press the left side of the card down onto the exposed adhesive of the foam tape.

Now you have a shaker card!! I just added some ink to the edges of mine. Add an insert, rub out any remaining marks that can be seen and you are done.

 I used to be totally addicted to these and I reckon I have made over a hundred LOL. Of course you can use a single fold card, make the shaker part separately (frame style stamps like the one at the start are good for this) and then adhere it to the front of the card too. Or add two or more layers of foam tape so the recess is deeper and add things like Smarties, coffee beans etc. The only regret I am having revisiting these old techniques is I haven't kept information on where I saw or learnt them from.

If you wish to know what I am up too but forget I exist ..how could you LOL...I have now added an e-mail notification gadget to my blog at the right under my contact e-mail....thanks Elizabeth for asking me about this. Just enter your e-mail, confirm you wish to subscribe and then every time I post you will get an e-mail telling you so :o). If there is a paper crafting technique or tip you are itching to know about just pop me an e-mail and I'll try to do a Tuesday tip/technique just for you! Off to make some metal magic :o)
Annette  In Oz    

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