Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hi all
I decided to join in on the "What's On Your Workbench Wednesday" where artist/crafters from all over the World share what is on their work bench each Wednesday. As I work every Wednesday evening and am not home till 11.30pm  my sharing will be later then others. I did check pre work but the link post wasn't up yet.. It all started from here at Julia's blog. Anyway my desk is a large table and on one end I create paper craft/mixed media items and on the other end I make hand made jewellery. So first shot is the paper craft end complete with some new Tim H stuff that came in the post yesterday!!

And other side at right is my jewellery making side

On the paper crafting side I have three Magic Cards. On Tuesday I share an old paper crafting tip or technique and that post was Magic Cards this week...the how too for them is here.As you pull them out the colour appears like magic.

There is also a GORGEOUS hand painted ATC that I recieved from Lauren

2 other awesome ATC's from another friend Glenda

A water and drawing ink bg with a gorgeous stamped image awaiting a card transformation.

A mixed media background waiting to be made into a card tomorrow

 A completed mixed media card made for my sisters birthday that I have to send tomorrow. Closer images here

Then over at the jewellery making end I have these amazing Prima Junkyard light bulbs that are screaming at me to make them into necklaces!!

Some of my hand etched items waiting to be made into cuffs and necklaces

I'm into "puffing" metal of late as well as I like steam punk so this is a partly finished steam punk puffed eye ball and a puffy heart awaiting a steam punkery treatment.

Some Ice Resin filled bezels

A polymer clay doll that needs painting!!!

A closer look at my etched puffy heart and a completed etched bird house necklace. The other day I had tried to make an etched copper ring and just couldn't do it so tried making a bird house as the bends etc were larger and I could solder that Ok...I'll retry the ring soon.

There you go that is what is on my messy work bench this Wednesday :o)
Annette In Oz


Unknown said...

WOW, a girl after my own heart. Paper on one side, jewelry on the other. I love jumping from one thing to another! Good luck.

Unknown said...

Welcome to WOYWW! I just love your puffy heart and the birdhouse necklace--sooooo cute! I think you are doing well to have a job and manage your creative pursuits--I do that too! And, many times, I am on the end of the list because I don't link up until I get up at 6 a.m., so I have to actually photograph on Tuesdays! But, last night, I woke up at 1 a.m., and decided to get on there and that lands me a little earlier. Your work is beautiful though. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #28

Gita said...

You are busy all over your craft spaces. And some great gifts too! :-) Brigita #142

Julia Dunnit said...

Wow Annette, you've got it all going on! LOVE the light they are delicious and talking to me big time! Also like your mixed media piece very much, gorgeous colours. As for your desk..the heat gun stand - genius! I try to post about 530am UK time, so you figure that and I'll try not to change it without warning!

jill said...

What lovely things you've made & are sharing with us. Happy woyww Jill #148

Celeste said...

These look great.
What inks etc did you use on your sisters background card?

Spyder said...

wow what a fab desk and loads going on! Welcome to WOYWW!! love your creative space, wouldn't want to swap would you??? Have to move things from the door before you can get into my space at the moment!! have a lovely easter, Happy Late WOYWW!!
((Lyn)) #10

Lauren T said...

Wow, you're assortment of in-progress projects makes me feel better about the couple I have. :)

Thanks for sharing the ATC I sent you, glad you still like it.

HeARTworks said...

Oh wow! What a lot to see on your desk! Love what you have going on in the jewelry end! Wonderful! Patsy from

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hullo there Annette - thanks so much for popping over to my desk and yes am enjoying what you have on your desk.. WOYWW is really great you learn so much a you blog hop around thanks for sharing , Shaz in Oz.x #15

PS I have encouraged you by joining your blog would be delighted if you would kindly reciprocate, and will do a link over in my next post to your blog - so wodnerful to meet someone from Oz ..

..and who uses it in her blog name - first time ever that has happened!! how superb is that!!

By the bye, I don’t know if you know as lots don’t, but you have word verification turned on and is an extra hurdle when commenting! so it means less folk can comment esp on WOYWW!!?

To remove go to Blogger -> Settings -> Comments tab – >
Deselect word verification..
and make a every visit a happier one.
I really struggle doing them sometimes, and so do lots of others. You can still have moderation switched on, if you wish.

scrappymo! said...

Welcome to WOYWW!
You are going to love it is so addictive and the people you will meet here are so special!

Your desk looks like lots of creative things are happening there. I jave never tried jewelry but the daughter in Monaco is a jewelry maker too!

She travelled for 5 months last year. She went to Australia...I don't think she made it to where you are but saw a lot of OZ and of New Zealand. She has a girlfriend who married an Australian, and a couple of her colleagues have places there for the off season here, as well. One last friend was an Australian who married a Canadian...shen his wife passed away he moved back to OZ.
Between that small handful of people she saw so much of your country. People asked their other family members and friends to show her around and it was unbelievable how welcoming and friendly your countrymen were...she was planning to stay in hotels the majority of the journey and ended up only needing a hotel a few times...I think she was in your country and new Zealand 6 weeks or maybe 8 weeks...she brought home so many photos of your beautiful country!

She is a nurse like you...teaches nursing now at University...we miss her terribly as you can guess by this rambling post!

Hope to see you again next week...your cards are so lovely...I loved the beautiful swirly inky colours.

Redanne said...

Hi Annette and welcome to WOYWW! I am so glad you stopped by my desk or I might have missed you. Your work is just amazing, you are a very talented lady and I am going to follow you so that I do not miss a thing..... Hugs, Anne x #33


Thanks everyone...I feel like I have found some soul sisters LOL...OH goodness Shaz...I had thought I had turned the pesky thing off before but it is done now thanks for letting me know.You make me smile scrappymo :o)
Annette In Oz

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Welcome to the Wednesday gang and I hope you have fun visiting and being visited. There is so much to look at on and around your desk, some stunning image. Thank you for coming to visit me. A splodger is just a affectionate name for my beloved Splodge Away mat which makes colouring and brayering so much easier, saves in and paper. If you read a couple of my recent posts, you will find out where to look at it and where to get one. Tom, who invented and sells it, is now looking at the possibility of getting it on sale in Oz, so keep your fingers crossed. Have a good week. xx Maggie #17

Eliza said...

Hey Annette,

So good to have you with the girls, such a wonderful bunch they are. Gosh it seems like forever since we caught up and you stayed here at my place. Whenever you come south you always have a bed and food.

Love your desks, gosh you really do have it all going on.

Hugs Eliza
Sorry I am late getting back to you, work got in the way.

April said...

Oh my goodness! Your desk is filled with such crafty goodness! I'm so impressed. April #175

KatzElbows said...

That mixed media background is fantastic. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Thank you for visiting.
Cheers, Rachel


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