Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Luminarte Primary Elements Polished Pigment Background Tutorial

As I said before there are LOADS of ways to use Luminarte Primary Elements Polished Pigments and as I have some to give away this coming Sunday I'll show you how I make shimmery textured looking  backgrounds to use in your art work. All photos were taken with flash off as the powders have mica in them so kept reflecting. Hence they look a little washed out sorry

You will need 
  • 1-3 colours of Primary Elements or other richly coloured mica powders like Pearl-Ex
  • A small spoon or Popsicle sticks
  • A plastic tray
  • Card stock-I have used both Matt and gloss but prefer gloss for some reason
  • Gauze or Muslin 
  • Water spritzer bottle
  • Floor polish. You can substitute floor polish with watered down PVA glue (white glue that dries clear like Elmers glue in the USA) or Acrylic paint medium
  • Newspaper to protect your work surface and gloves if you don't want pretty coloured fingers :o)

1) Place gauze in tray

 2) Pour in just enough floor polish to wet the gauze. I added too much so ended up using 2 pieces of gauze to soak it up a bit

3) Sprinkle on Primary Elements powders and do a light spritz of water to help the colours mix and blend

 4) Gently press card stock on top. Lift it up and leave it to dry on the newspaper. The gauze will print onto the card stock in a shimmery gauze pattern.

When the liquid decreases use the coloured gauze and lay it on card stock

 Then place another sheet on top and press firmly or use a roller over the top and the gauze print will be on both sheets

 At first the colours are really mingled with not much gauze print and as the liquid decreases the gauze print becomes more prominent.

Even when you have finished and there is just dried up shimmery colour left in the tray, spritz it with water and press card stock in the mix and you will get something like this...

This is how I made a card using the back grounds. I stamped the dragonfly image on top with black pigment ink. While the ink is wet sprinkle on black embossing powder and use a heat gun or hold above a toaster turned on (heat from underneath) to melt the embossing powder till it looks glossy. I also stamped and embossed the same image on Vellum. I coloured the images with Luminarte Twinkling H2O's in similar colours to the back ground. Cut out just the wings from the Vellum.

Place a small blob of clear sealant on the wings on the card close to the body of the dragonfly. Sealant is the  stuff you use around sinks and in the bathroom to seal them and prevent leakage when using water taps.

 Place the vellum wing on top and gently press it in place so the wings look raised up.

I then realized I wanted to use brads in the cornesr but I had no brads that matched the colour of the card so I mixed some Primary Elements with Simple solution, lightly sanded the brads and painted the colour on.

I added some rub on letters and layered the card on coordinating card and then to the base card. Lastly I glued some small green metallic seed beads on the dragonflies as eyes and TADA its all done.

The colours I have used on the gauze print back grounds I made above are the same as three in the Give Away I am having which is here. If anyone else would like to enter you only have till Sunday to do so and please look further down for more ways to use this fabo product :o)
Annette In Oz xxx


Squiddy said...

Clever girl :) Wonder if any hospital is low in their gauze stocks by now!

Xanapan said...

Beautiful Annette! Yesterday out and about I saw dragonflies in several different places - very unusual. This is gorgeous work. Love your step by step photos!


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