Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Swing Panel Card / Tipnique Tuesday

Into my folder of tips/techniques for paper crafting my hand went and pulled out a simple but effective card with movement. The central panel swings to show either side. Hence a "swing panel card"


  • A4 sheet of sturdy card stock
  • Craft knife, pencil, ruler, bone folder, cutting mat, eraser and scissors
  • Images or decorative papers and elements of choice
               How Too
1) Either use this template

or measure and cut out a 25cm by 19cm piece from your A4 card stock. Measure and mark at top and bottom at 10cm, and 15cm along the 25cm sides. At the 10cm and 15cm dots measure down/up 3.5cm (use above template as a guide). Then measure and mark a line across from the 3.5cm dot 3cm long. Use ruler and pencil and mark a solid line up/down to meet other 3cm line. This line will be 12cm long

2) Cut solid lines using your ruler and craft knife

3) Use bone folder and score all four 3.5cm  lines. Use bone folder to press the left hand 3.5cm scored line into a mountain fold and the right ones into a valley fold.

A mountain fold creates a peak like the one below and a valley fold creates a dip.

4) Your card should now look like this and the inner panel can swing back and forth as you pull the card open,.

 Of course you can decorate the card first but as I wanted to show you the folds I did mine afterwards. This time I used some Lindys Stamp Gang Starburst sprays

 Once it was dry I ran it thru my Cuttlebug several times and highlighted ares with gold metallic rub on. I then glued on two previously made background panels at the front and back of the swinging part. On the main panel that would be seen the most I painted on white gesso in the centre, dried it with my heat gun and then stamped my image with black Stazon ink and coloured my image. Lastly I added some pearl dot bling swirls.

 On the other panel which does not fully show I used white rub ons and put "Dream" down the side. The whole card is VERY shimmery due to the Starburst sprays and the background panels!!

As I am so late today after dinner I shall put up how I made the two background panels too. They were done using Luminarte Primary Elements Polished Pigments so its another way to use the ones I am giving away in the post below this. Only 5 more days to enter for your chance to win. 
Annette In Oz

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RosA said...

You've made that look so easy Annette, I wouldn't hesitate to have a go at it! And love the colours you have used on it!


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