Monday, August 8, 2011

Lampwork beads, a necklace and some yummy mail.

I can't believe how fast paced my life has been this year. Having visitors here for nearly 2 and a half months has reduced ny arty adventures as my art room has had people sleeping in there with beds literaly tucked right up too and under my desk LOL. My influx of visitors coincided with a wonderful friend Gail Hart from Tasmania staying at her sons place here in Darwin. I couldn't get up to see Gail till the last few weeks but when I did go I was in for a real treat as she has taught me the basics of lamp work bead making...and another door to arty goodness opens.
I'm still a huge novice but I LOVED the whole process and Gail is helping me set up the basic requirements to continue playing in this area. I can now make smallish round beads Ok but the stringers and adding them plus making larger beads awaits further practice practice practice. Gail is an amazing glass bead artists and I could have just stood there watching her all day making the beads....she leaves for home Wednesday Wah...I do hope she comes back again :o). Gail is such a kind, lovely person and  VERY patient when teaching someone like me who has shaky hands with glass and gas around  *grin*. Thank you Gail. Here are the beads so far...the larger one and the heart plus some others were made by Gail.

My nephew and his girlfriend have been staying in town for this week so I had a few days to get in the art room and sort stuff for trip to New Zealand next month which is fast approaching. There are plastic bags of brass, charms, Yuzen papers, tassels and so on all over the place!!. While clearing the desk to post said items I found a partly finished leaf form dancer necklace so finished making her. She has ice resin over paper like the others I have made. Her body has the words "infinite passion for life" in it.

Just because I can't do much art at the moment doesn't mean I don't think about and buy art supplies LOL. Just look at this awesome stuff from the retrocafe that has come. The Vari-tone ink used with stencils or other things LOL gives graduated ageing spots...the more ink and heat the darker the aged look.

 OMG I sssoo love old German doll parts. I have never seen such a small frozen Charlotte and doll arms make great hangers for necklaces....and then there are those amazing glass eyes...

 More shrines and trinkets to await altering..

 tiny watch part even has some small watch parts still in it yeha

 and old optical lenses and acrylic cut charms...oh how I love that shop LOL

Now all I need is time to get some art done and my art space back to do so. It will all come together sooner or later :o). On the other hand we may have been busy but we have loved having the visitors here too as we don't see relatives for years at a time. It just happened that we got 7 visiting all around the same time!!!. Oh and did I mention the oldest daughetr Carlia and her boyfriend are now back living with us too?. I didn't change the locks quick enough LOL.
Annette In Oz


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