Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Goodies Came In The Mail

Last night I was having trouble falling asleep.I'm having a feeling of great need to get creative at the moment.I some how lost three hours looking at supplies in Etsy this AM LOL and then remembered some mail had arrived that I hadn't opened.I'd placed it on my desk when I had to rush away to Sydney for Rob's funeral.There it was waiting for me today when I finally felt like opening it and man am I glad I did.There was this tiny vintage mini tin type album I had purchased on Ebay.It's old red leather and gilded front and back just make me want to touch it

and inside were 80 tin types.The inner pages are worn so I'll remove the tin types and use them in my art work.

Then there were two other packages that had bracelet blanks,circle bezels,gears and cogs and lovely old china doll head and body...hhhmmm I think I need to get some mould making stuff and make a mould of the doll.

Now I just need to get some time to get started...maybe this evening I hope.
Annette In Oz

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dog gone it LOL

I try to keep the blog for crafty stuff but just had to share these photos.The first is my rat bag and much loved long haired Jack Russel Minty.She had fallen asleep on my lap and when I got up and placed her down on the chair she stayed like this asleep for ages.What a hussy hey LOL?.

When we went to Sydney for Rob's funeral we stayed with Steve, Chris, Craig, David and the dawgs!!!They have four Daschund's.This is bear begging for his tummy to be scratched by Grant.

Here are all four asleep in a big happy dog pile

Each night Bear gets the blanket and sort of snuggles under it till he has a cover then the others lay around and on top.Snags is at the back and she is Mum to the other three.Millie is middle left and Daisy middle right.Millie,Daisy and Bear are all Snag's pups...amazing size difference to them hey?.I'm off to make Cory's(Carlia's boyfriend)21st invites before work this arvo.My back problem (degenerative discs squelching the nerve) is worsening unfortunately so may as well try to do them while I can.Have a great day folks :o)
Annette In Oz

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Leonardo Da Vinci Paper Bag Collaborative Book Swap

Healing art evaded me for a few weeks but these last two days I did get a little creative....and I do feel much better.I'll miss my Robyn for along time but I choose to remember her in a fun good way now.I thank you all for your kind words too.
I've had these Leonardo pages on my desk for nearly 2 months and finally made them into a book today.The pages are paper bags laid one way then the other and then sewn down the middle.The bag opening holds two pages back to back.For the cover I used the same Leo image I used on one of my pages, enlarged it and transferred it to material.Then I glued it to grunge board,painted and textured around the image and added a painted swirl.

Here is the completed book from the side.

and the back sign in slips.

Page 1-2.Mine on the left and Liz Gale on the right.

Pages 3-4.Maragret Rodgers left and Annie Mackay on the right.

Pages5-6.Debbie Reid on left and Annie Mackay on the right.

Pages 7-8.Wendy Kirk on the left and Adrienne Goodenough on the right.

Pages 9-10.Hilda Gale on the left and mine on the right.

Pages 11-12 from 1st pocket.Debbie Reid top and Wendy Kirk bottom.

Pages 13-14 from second pocket.Liz gale at top and Margret Rodgers at bottom.

Page 15 Hilda Gale.
Page 16 Adrienne Goodenough.
I really loved making the texture effect and colour for the covers....Golden paints just blend so nicely together.The pages look amazing in real life as many have textured areas and glimmer that do not show when they are being scanned. Thanks to all who participated.
Annette In Oz


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