Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Leonardo Da Vinci Paper Bag Collaborative Book Swap

Healing art evaded me for a few weeks but these last two days I did get a little creative....and I do feel much better.I'll miss my Robyn for along time but I choose to remember her in a fun good way now.I thank you all for your kind words too.
I've had these Leonardo pages on my desk for nearly 2 months and finally made them into a book today.The pages are paper bags laid one way then the other and then sewn down the middle.The bag opening holds two pages back to back.For the cover I used the same Leo image I used on one of my pages, enlarged it and transferred it to material.Then I glued it to grunge board,painted and textured around the image and added a painted swirl.

Here is the completed book from the side.

and the back sign in slips.

Page 1-2.Mine on the left and Liz Gale on the right.

Pages 3-4.Maragret Rodgers left and Annie Mackay on the right.

Pages5-6.Debbie Reid on left and Annie Mackay on the right.

Pages 7-8.Wendy Kirk on the left and Adrienne Goodenough on the right.

Pages 9-10.Hilda Gale on the left and mine on the right.

Pages 11-12 from 1st pocket.Debbie Reid top and Wendy Kirk bottom.

Pages 13-14 from second pocket.Liz gale at top and Margret Rodgers at bottom.

Page 15 Hilda Gale.
Page 16 Adrienne Goodenough.
I really loved making the texture effect and colour for the covers....Golden paints just blend so nicely together.The pages look amazing in real life as many have textured areas and glimmer that do not show when they are being scanned. Thanks to all who participated.
Annette In Oz


Sarah said...

this is stunning, and I recognise a few old friends' names in there, good to see they are still creating away

Mari said...

Fantastic Annette! Gorgeous colors and pages.

Gretz said...

Glad to hear you are back creating Annette :-)


This is an amazing collaborative! I so enjoyed looking at each page. I am sure it is nothing like first hand :)) I am so glad to see you feeling like a little art too :)

Lady Di said...

What a beautiful book. All the pieces are just fantastic. Keep well dear Annette.

Queen Of Toys said...

Wow an amazing collaborative effort by all. Love how you have finished the book, totally awesome.

Samantha Marshall said...

What an absolutely beautiful book!!!

Annie said...

Nice to see my work here. So glad you are feeling like making art again.Your covers are gorgeous.

Hilda said...

I have only just found this Annette, what a fab job yu made of the book - I must post a piccy of mine - aren't the pages just fab!!!???


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