Friday, December 5, 2008

UUUMMM I am Suppossed To Be Making Christmas cards

But I got side tracked when I was looking in my pre made backgrounds draw and ended up making six collage cards using the nappy liner rubbings I had made earlier in the year.It does not show well in my photos but the background has a textural effect from the nappy liner rubbings.I then added stamped areas using pearlescent white paint by Plaid.Over the stamped parts I rubbed on Shiva iridescent colours similar to the background colours.
I also used the negative left over from cutting a piece of card stock with the Cuttlebug floral scroll die cut and pressed some texture paste thru that onto an the edge on the bg (ala Kelsey).Once dry this was then dry brushed over with Jo Sonja pale gold paint and then gold foil ironed onto parts.The vintage images are printed onto Lazertran water slide decal paper,trimmed to size and then the backing is soaked off and they are stuck where needed

The quote on the ones below was used by a friend Rhonda in her page in the recent Collab book swap post from last month...I love it.Original source unknown

here is view from bottom so you can see the texture

In this one you can see the rubbings better as it was ironed onto the gloss coloured bg part using Vliesofix and stuck better then the ones above

On the next few I also added coloured gauze and bits of text printed scrap papers
Oh my I now HAVE to get back to making Chrissy cards and then I shall play with some things from Pipedream ink and The Thread Studio!!!


Brenda said...

Stunning, the backgrounds are beautiful - well worth putting aside those Christmas cards :-)

Night Owl Designs said...

Hi Annette, the Christmas cards can wait! They look awesome!

Jen Crossley said...

What these look amazing Im with Stephi ,The christmas cards can wait

kelsey said...

Wow! These are much more fun than Christmas Cards, not that there's anything wrong with Christmas Cards but these are year-round delights! Just gorgeous!!!


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