Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Daughters...for Mum and Sisters

Oh wow you know Tim from his antics and leaving his evidence in my camera but my Mum and my two sisters have asked for some photos of my gorgeous girls.I know we all think our kids are gorgeous LOL but mine have good caring hearts and I love them for all they are and hence they are gorgeous to me.Here is Melissa...she doesn't like following the "norm" but her look contradicts the shy sweet soul she is.She is happy and very thoughtful to others.HHHmmm note the necklace....well the crown in particular...that was in my stash a few days ago as was the ribbon necklace!!!.I really need a studio!!

here is Carlia(18) on the left and Melissa(17).I haven't got a single photo of Carlia to share at the moment as Carlia is "tribal" LOL...she likes to be with others and is quite the extrovert.Both have amazing eyes.

girls pouting *grin*

This is Carlia with her boyfriend Cory.

Today we did a day trip to Umbrawarra Gorge and Douglas Hot Springs...I have sore legs and I am sssooo tired.Off to bed for me :o).I think I have some photos from there to upload tomorrow or the next and then I am going to sooo play with some more metal and art.
Annette In Oz


Talking Horses Arts said...

beautiful people!!!!!

Cathy Daulman said...

What amazing looking girls ! Some of you best art I would say...well done ! *winks*

Queen Of Toys said...

they have to be your best creations Annette and what amazing eyes.

Hugs Elizabeth


Ha ha Elizabeth and Cath but I agree :o)


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