Monday, June 15, 2009

Leaving A Comment

I was just catching up on the net while the kids were at school and Grant was having a sleep in...he has the flu.Over at Jessica Wesolek's Cre8it blog she had done a post about leaving comments on blogs and in an amazing person as an artist and a voice for those of us like me who get a bit lost in the in the World.I'm already isolated by my location in the far hot tropical Northern Territory of Australia...sometimes my blog is my only voice and often I feel I am talking to just me.I'm going to strive to not stop "talking" (uploading to my blog my creative efforts)and to comment when I browse other people's blogs... if only to let them know they too are not alone and their creativity and giving is heard.Thank you Jessica.This is what Jessica wrote and very thought provoking I think

Giving Back . . .
Communication fascinates me and always has. I really think it makes the world go around. So, it has always interested me that only 1 or 2 percent of readers ever leave Comments on a blog post, or have anything to say in a Yahoo Group.
It interested me enough that I have been asking friends why that is. Yes, I have a lot of lurker friends to ask. The answers were really interesting because they went something like this: I’m shy, nothing I say would be interesting to anybody, I’m probably the only one who hasn’t already thought of this, I’m too busy.
Do you pick up a them there? Pretty one-sided, right? But what if leaving comments wasn’t all about you?
I have an interesting lesson to share. I used to have a very hard time accepting compliments, and like many of us do, I would pretty much throw the compliment back in the complimentor’s face, thinking I was practicing modesty instead of insult. They would say “you’re so good” and I would say “no I’m not”. Those are paraphrases, but you know what I mean. “What a pretty dress!” “Oh, this old thing?”
So one day, my brother asked me if I realized that I was insulting the other person. Whether I realized the complimenting process wasn’t only about me, but rather, a social interaction. What? Something that’s not only about me? How could that be?
But he was right. By arguing with a compliment, I was telling the other person they were wrong, and maybe their opinion didn’t matter much to me.
That was a big lesson, and ever after, I just say “Thank you”
There are lots of things that aren’t just about us, and the amazing plethora of treasure that is internet content is one - a gift that didn’t just get stuck in your computer with the hard drive. It is created and given by hardworking and generous-to-a-fault people just like you (blogs, Yahoo Groups, online zines, tutorials, product reviews, etc. - all free).
If someone brought all this in a box to your door, would you say “Thank you”? Of course you would. If someone at a party told you an amazing thing you never heard of before, or told you about a wonderful new store or book, or restaurant, would you stand there and stare at them silently like you didn’t hear them? Of course you wouldn’t.
Well, the web is not different than the world we live in anymore. It is a social place, and we must all take some social responsibility. I get a kick out of articles that talk about “Netiquette” and Web Etiquette. They mention not flaming somebody into ash, and not TYPING IN ALL CAPS because it means you are yelling.
But they don’t say: speak up and add your voice and your energy to this fantastic exchange so it can keep on rolling and become even better. So the folks who are giving all this don’t run out of gas and stall altogether. They should say that.
And just in case you are thinking this is all about me (LOL), I think we do better here than most with Comments (especially when something free is being given away ;-), and I get so much gratitude in emails that it gives me lots of practice on my compliment Thank You’s! But it breaks my heart to see really good Yahoo Groups fade away because only three people are willing to keep talking, or wonderful blogs go away because the author feels she is hearing the sound of one hand clapping or worse, talking to herself in public.
I know lots of bloggers will say they are doing it “for themselves” and it doesn’t matter if anybody responds with a Comment, but a part of that is just bravado. If they were only doing it for themselves, they would do it in a closet - not on the internet.
So let these wonderful folks know you visited, and if you liked their tutorial, or if their technique gave you a valuable answer you’ve been searching for. Or just say “thanks for all you do,” like many of my wonderful readers do. It’s little but it goes a long way.
Give back - and it will only get better for everyone.

All too true and I am guilty of it too.The web is huge and can be seen as just an electronic medium but it all comes from caring interesting people and maybe we all should be telling each other what good work they do...for me that may be only weekly when I have time to check my fav blogs but a week late or not I know it will be appreciated!!
Annette In Oz


Alien Thoughts said...

Annette, that is so true. So I am leaving a comment for you. Thank you so much for sharing your art. You are one of my inspirations for learning art myself. I have followed your blog on my RSS feed. If you ever feel the need to just talk, pm me.

Jane Norrish said...

Hi Annette,
I am guilty of all the above and how strange it seems when you see it written down and you can relate to it all.
I am a regular visitor to your blog but you probably wouldn't know that as I haven't left a comment before.
It was lovely to meet you in Brisbane at Jenny Crossley's classes and I frequently pop onto your blog when I need inspiration for a project. Thanks for sharing your art, your talent, your fanily and yourself with us all.
Jane Norrish

drmarty62 said...

So True Annette. Thanks for passing this on. I had just been feeling a little forlorn because I have made a big effort to post almost daily the past week but I wonder if anypne is reading.
I read and enjoy every post of yours but will try to comment more often. We might even be friends by the time we get to Melbourne next year

Kathy said...

Hi Annette,

I put my hand up as well. I visit your blog on a regular basis and have not left a comment before. Thank you for sharing your and Jessica's thoughts. I will make a conscious effort to engage in future and not lurk.



NatashaMay said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog today checking out your water transfer tutorial and was´t gonna leave a comment until I read this post. You are so right and thank you for saying it out load. :)And great tutorial as well.
x Natasha x

Mari said...

Isn't it amazing how close to home this hits? :)
I've seen several people 'out there' write pieces similar to this; I always think they're right on. I know that I'm guilty of not commenting as often as I should (of course I have a myriad of reasons why I can't at that moment) but the thing that really get me? I *know* my family members visit my blog - and they have never left a single comment. I often feel (as a blogger) that if I can't even elicit a response from my *family*, well....
So, yes. I will try to do better as well. I know it means the world to someone! :)


Thanks everyone
seems we all need to look at posts from the bloggers point...I'll try to engage others more myself.I'm sp leases some of you have who have nevr spoke to me before popped a comment in for me..sssoo nice to hear from you

Ev said...

I enjoyed reading that - I also identified with it. I try to make comment on blogs - especially ones where I haven't been before or that I have found engaging enough to want to look at longer than a few seconds. I also enjoy others leaving comments on my poor neglected blog (maybe this is why I neglect it so - I don't get much interaction from it). My sister and mother both visit mine but never ever have I seen a comment from either - they live half way round the world to me but I hardly hear from them (they get free phone calls here!) I love to talk and meet others - I like facebook these days as I can interact with people from all over the world (and have done so most days).

Thanks for sharing your art. Gosh this particular entry has me thinking.....

Carrie said...

I too am a guilty lurker and I loved your post. Keep up the good work and inspire us. xx

Sally said...

Bless Jessica's heart. She does bring it out in the open. I am just as guilty as the next person but I do strive to improve my ways.

Nancy said...

Well, here is my first comment. I am a lurker...even in person. But I'm starting to realize that I have to make the effort to talk. Thanks for posting this.

Froggietalks said...

that is very true Annette. I am bad for not taking the compliment seriously, and I am going to make sure the next compliment I get I will be thankful for.

Karen G (BC)

Deb said...

Thank you for posting this.

Bridget Larsen said...

Thanks for putting it out there Annette, I love blurfing (blog surfing) but I do that with the websites that allow me to sign up to email confirmations of posts that have been added, that then reminds me to go over to their blog and see what they have posted, otherwise I miss all the blogs I have saved but forgotten about until someone mentions it on a group or as a personal email. So that also maybe the reason why no comments are put on blogs unless someone religiously follows and click on blogs. I have pages and pages of blogs that I have saved. I try and leave a comment whenever I visit. I have 2 blogs, one is a Stampin' Up! one and the other has all other craft and goings on
I find I like to share in both blogs and I know someone is reading it LOL but they might also be shy.
I've had blog owners comment on my comments that they so appreciate it

Debbi Baker said...

I think sometimes it is a time thing - I read a lot of blogs (when I get the chance) and that would probably halve at least if I spend the time commenting on all of them, even though I know it is really nice to do so. I love comments on my bloig as much as anybody but getting a sitemeter was really reassuring and took away the feeling that maybe the people visiting was limited to only number commenting! I think it is harder to comment on a blog when you don't "know" the person too.

But I know you!! And you are gorgeous and talented and I love your blog!!

Barb said...

I also found Jessica's comments thought provoking and got her permission to put it on my blog ...amazing how we don't really think about why we have blogs..if we didn't want to share our creativity with others we would not bother with the time a blog takes but simply keep a personal diary!
The encouragement we get from knowing that others appreciate our work gives impetus to continue,and thereby, grow our art!


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