Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Umbrawarra Gorge

Umbrawarra Gorge is a lovely spot a few hours drive from us and 2-3km past Pine Creek South bound on the Stuart Highway.I haven't been there for ten years and had forgot how beautiful it was.You can walk for as far as you want up the red sandstone lined Gorge passing thru rocky sections and then leafy framed water holes.Whenever you get hot its in you jump for a swim.This is the view looking forward thru the Gorge and is about 15 minutes walk up into the Gorge.

and looking back from where we had walked
Some of the rocks in the Gorge creek bed are huge.This one must have made a huge noise when it fell off the side of the Gorge.Tim climbed on to show size comparison.Tim is 13 and taller then me.

What can I say...small things amuse small minds LOL.I was fascinated as we stopped for a swim to see Eucalyptus leaves being blown across the water carrying water droplets.The leaves are waxy and float on the water.When people go swimming splashes of water land on them and ball up.I spent half an hour chasing these all over the place trying to get shots that were not blurred from me and them moving.I must look up where I can change the setting on my camera to sports shots :o)

After three hours of walking,stopping,swimming,chasing butterflies(there were hundreds in one spot but they kept moving too quick for me to take a photo of them) and having fun we started to go back.Tim walked over this rock and looked down to realize it had a right facing side profile of a face image worn into it by erosion.

These next two photos are of two reptiles at Grant's place of work (The Territory Wildlife Park) at Berry Springs.The first is a Macleay's Water Snake(Enhydris).See how he looks luminous in spots as the light shines on his scales.Reminds me of the iridescent film in my stash

and lastly is the beast at his work.This is a King Brown snake and he is 8foot 6"...he is a cranky bugger and I worry every time Grant has to go and get him out for the Vet or clean the cage.Even in this head shot he looks grumpy to me!!


Queen Of Toys said...

Totally awesome snakes Annette, it makes me want to touch them and hold them. Snakes feel great to hold but no way would you do that with the Brown snake that is a nasty bugger. Love the leaves and the water droplets you have done well to get those shots, the colours are amazing.

Bevlea said...

love your pics annette... esp the ones of the leaves on the water... very beautiful!

Jen Crossley said...

Oh Annette that snake is so awful,Im glad you have Grant wish I had a Grant if I see one


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