Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Visitors Galore and Silversmithing No More

We have had a busy but great time with My Mum and Aunty Marg here for 2 weeks followed by my sister. Colleen and her hubby Jim for another 2 weeks. We did all the tourists spots with both so had 2 trips tp glorious Kakadu, Litchfield, Katherine Gorge etc etc. Here is Col and Jim in front of a rather large Cathedral Termite mound.Jim is around 6ft tall so you get an idea of the mounds real height!!!

Col and Jim at Ubirr in Kakadu with the flood plains behind them

We stayed and watched the sun set. It was quite over-caste but we watched...and waited...

 aaahhhh another glorious sunset over the Northern Territory of Oz

 While Col and Jim did the Katherine Gorge cruise Grant and I went on a walk above the escarpment and found this curious rock monster by the path. I think someone had too much time on their hands LOL.

Along with visitors leaving I did my last Silversmithing class this week gone. I had made two diffrent sterling silver wire twists. I made one into a bracelet as I actualy didn't own any bracelets.
and the other piece was smaller so once I had rolled it I made a set of hoop ear-rings out of it.

I'm already missing my visitors as we do not see people we know for years at times. Col and Jim had never been to the NT and loved it so hope they come back and see us again soon. Well the house has just been cleaned, 6 loads of washing done and all the guest linen etc put away. HHHmmm maybe tomorrow I can get into that art room and sort thru some of the half finished projects on my desk!!
Annette In Oz


stregata said...

Thanks for your kind words, Annette! Wow - that termite mound is huge - more like a mountain!
Love your twisted silver bracelet and hoops!

Cathy Daulman said...

That 'Rock Monster'.... In Zimbabwe there are similar sites as this and they are memorial sites. I am not sure if they are actually graves but remember seeing many as a small child. Could this be similar ?


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